4•23 World Book Day | Exchange Used Books for Cultural and Creative Products

Do you have used books that take up space but you are unwilling to discard? If so, take them to the library!

Nearly 20 libraries in the National Library Cultural and Creative Products Development Alliance have jointly launched the book donation activity themed “Exchange Used Books for Cultural and Creative Products”. All used books collected through the activity will be donated to secondary and primary schools.

During the activity for World Book Day, people can not only enjoy the fun of reading in Zhengzhou Library but also get favored cultural and creative products related to classics by sharing the used books with others who need them.

The book donation activity – Exchange Used Books for Cultural and Creative Products

●Activity introduction●

Activity rules: In Zhengzhou Library during the activity, readers can exchange two used books that meet the requirements for one classics-related creative and cultural product, and each reader can exchange two products at most.

Time: 9:00–12:00, 14:00-17:00, April 22–24

Location: Square entrance near the South Gate (main gate) of Zhengzhou Library

Number of participants needed: 50 (Gifts are limited)

Cost: Participation is free, and readers only need to provide used books.

Registration method: on-site registration (no need to register online)


1. According to the requirements of regular epidemic prevention and control in public cultural venues, activity participants should have their health codes, travel history cards, and temperatures checked, and should wear masks. In order to ensure the health and safety of all visitors, people from medium- and high-risk regions and those with abnormal body temperatures and health codes will not be received temporarily.

2. It is encouraged to participate in the activity with the used books associated with Henan’s local cultures, which can be exchanged first under the same conditions.

3. Each reader can exchange once at most on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last.

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