“2017 China Dengfeng Yu Cultural Symposium” held in Dengfeng

On 31 August and at the symposium of Yu Culture, 150 scholars and Dayu descendants from China, Japan, Korea and other countries, including Li Boqian, the chief scientist of Xia Shang Zhou Chronology Project and professor of Peaking University and Wang Min, professor of Hosei University of Japan attended the symposium of Yu Culture held on 31 August. 

The participants have held heated and extensive discussions about Yu Tamed the Flood, Yu Spirit, Yang City (the Capital of Yu), Yu culture in Japan and Korea, the Cultural Remains of Yu and the international exchanges and spread of Yu culture. They reached the consensus that Da Yu is China’s hero who tamed the flood, the ancestor of the foundation of Xia and the sage of Taoism, and “Yu Tamed the Flood” is a great and influential history event. Yang City represents the foundation of Xia Dynasty, which is the first slavery dynasty of China. The spirits of passing three times through the home but doesn’t enter in, keeping industrious and frugal, taking the people as the foundation of the state, quitting excessive drinking to check erroneous ideas at the outset, valuing time and keeping to the center have played an important role in China’s national spirits. The cultural remains and tales of Yu should be appreciated and protected. Yu culture is also a significant part of China’s excellent traditional culture, whose values of history, culture and spirit still have a strong vitality and influence in today.

On the morning of September 1, over one hundred scholars and descendants of Dayun from across the world gathered at the hometown of Yu-Zujiazhuang in Dengfeng City, witnessed the relationship building between Zujiazhuang and Fang Tuxiang, the hometown of the mother of Qi.

In that afternoon, the “2017 China Dengfeng Yu Cultural Symposium” was concluded and advocated after a thorough consideration and discussion that we need to fully recognize the universal value and global significance of the tale of Yu, and should make active preparation to list it in the national or international intangible cultural heritage protection lists ahead of time. Then, cities with relics of Yu culture should develop and transform research achievements in an innovative way and make it benefit the local urban construction and developments of tourism, social and economy. Besides, all related cities should cooperate with each other in building the culturology of Yu and compiling The Legendry of Yu Culture in China, The Overview of Yu Culture Relics and The Family Name Genealogy of the Descendants of Yu in China, etc.

“The Yu Hometown Cultural Industry Park with an investment of RMB 6.1 billion will be built into a bright pearl of Huaxia culture and a destination of root seeking tour, ancestor worship tour and Yu culture tour.” Wang Qingshan, the Deputy Director of Xia Yu Culture Research Center in Chinese Pre-Qin History Association and Chairman of Henan Dayu Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd., expressed. Da Yu is the pride of Dengfeng and Huaxia nationality, which is an important part of Mount Song culture. The construction of Yu Hometown Cultural Industry Park is to explore the potentials of the hometown of Dayu and build it into a well-known cultural tourism destination of Dengfeng City.

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