The China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden: Welcoming the New Year with Folk Culture

The Spring Festival is the most significant, grand, and lively traditional festival in China, which is expected by all the Chinese people. To provide better activities concerning China’s traditional cultures to the public and the lovers and enable them to participate in the culture carnival, the China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden will hold a series of activities themed by “2019 New Year Atmosphere · Green Expo Garden” during the 5th to 20th in February 2019 (from the first day to the sixteenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar).

Lion Dance (photo of the previous year)

During this Spring Festival, the scenic area will take “exhibition, performance, sightseeing, appreciation, study, stroll, and taste” as the mainline and enable the visitors to be involved in the folk culture and cultural inheritance. Such activities for welcoming the new year and blessing as whipping the cattle for encouraging farming, festival Shehuo performance, folk arts and crafts exhibition (calabash exhibition of the Central Plains, embroidery art exhibition of Luoyang, and exhibition of steamed bun with colorful patterns of Henan and Shaanxi), evening tour of the China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden for festival lanterns, tour to the lily flower sea, dinosaur model exhibition, and tasting traditional snacks from different regions will be wonderful. Moreover, visitors will experience the creation of artworks in the intangible cultural heritage list in the traditional central-China handicrafts event to learn the art and put it into practical uses.  

Golden Pigs Carrying Good Fortune

Lily Flower Show (photo of the previous year)

Exhibition of Steamed Bun with Colorful Patterns (photo of the previous year)

In addition, during the Spring Festival, the China Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden will hold nearly 200 carnival activities in relation to the traditional folk customs. Then, the visitors will have great fun as every step in the garden may bring different landscapes. Stone Lion Performance, Stilt and Bamboo Horses, Golden Turtle Dance, Drama about the Three Kingdoms, Art of Suona Horn, Lion Dance from Dahuangtan Village, Shaolin Martial Arts and other unique folk arts will go up on the stage in turn, unfolding the picture of the cultural charm about historical heritages to the visitors.

Various Stalls on the Festival Temple Fair

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