Dengfeng Launches Tourist Activities to Celebrate China’s 70th National Day

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and offer a safe and joyful National Day holiday for tourists, scenic spots in Dengfeng City are prepared to roll out a series of tourist activities and preferential measures.

From October 1 to 7, Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area will have two activities themed with Beautiful Date with the Motherland and Shoot My Love to My Country. Tourists shooting group photos or short videos titled Love the Motherland or Bless the Motherland and posting them on WeChat Moments or Tik Tok will receive small red flags and patriotic stickers to celebrate the birthday of China. They may also make themed and blessing truss design drawings and write their best wishes in the blank of the drawings as gifts to the motherland. A Shaolin Kung Fu show themed with the Spirit of Shaolin, Dream of China will also be staged at the tourist center plaza and along the main walks in the scenic area, to present the unique charm of Shaolin martial arts to visitors.

Moreover, there will be other events to enrich tourists’ holiday time: Songyang Scenic Area’s ritual of Worshipping Confucius, Zhongyue Temple Scenic Area’s Tai Chi show, Shaolin Zen Music Ritual’s Sanda Championship (October 3-5) and Daxiong Mountain Scenic Area’s 2nd Mountain Chrysanthemum Festival (September 28). Besides, Fanjiamen Scenic Area has unveiled its 1st harvest festival themed with Beautiful Village, Hometown Fanjiamen on September 21. Dengfeng citizens can visit Fanjiamen for free from September 22 to 30.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration