Zhengzhou Ranked as One of China’s “Top 10 Cities with a Better Life”

According to the China Economic Life Survey issued by the China Media Group on February 22, Zhengzhou made the list of the top 10 provincial capitals and municipalities with the highest better life index in 2018-2019.


The list is based on the results of household questionnaires of the China Economic Life Survey that covers 100,000 Chinese households.


The survey aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of Chinese people’s satisfaction with their personal life and work, public services and social governance, as well as their feelings of a better life in the three dimensions of sense of gain, sense of security and sense of happiness, based on which the “China Better Life Index” is compiled.



This title

is the affirmation to Zhengzhou

and the pride of the city

There is one voice from countless families in Zhengzhou:

We live in a better city



What is the city with a better life?

The subway entrance is close to home.

The subway is coming just when we arrive at the station

We can take the high-speed train to another city within 2 hours

We can take an early morning jog at the park near home

We can photograph a great view of the Ruyi Lake

All the goods in the world are available at Zhongdamen

We can enjoy the Spicy Soup and the Deep-Fried Dough Cake



These are the “little happiness in hand” of living in Zhengzhou~

I believe that when it comes to the better life in Zhengzhou

you can recall a lot of memories at this moment

A picture of a better life

is unfolding slowly here




Better life • Landscaping

There are more parks at the doorstep

Elderly people exercise joyfully in the early morning

Couples take a walk at night with overwhelmed happiness



The morning breeze whispers in our ear

Sunshine jumps with our pace in a lively and naughty manner

▲ Lakeside of the Dongfeng Canal

▲Forest Park

▲Wuyi Park

▲ Beilonghu Wetland Park



Aiming to expand the landscaping area,

the city has added more than 10 million square meters of cyan space;

Zhengzhou Yellow River Wetland Park project was launched,

with a construction area of 200,000 mu;

50 comprehensive parks will be built this year

and 21 country parks will be built within two years...




boasts many business cards,

such as clear lakes,

golden leaves,

and blooming flowers

▲ Millennium Ginkgo at the Shaolin Temple

▲Rapeseed Flower Field in Xingyang

The City can be pink,

filled with romantic atmosphere

▲ Crab-apple in the Zhengzhou University

▲ Lotus at the Zijingshan Park


In terms of its profound history,

the thousand-year-old Shangdu Cultural Site,

the magnificent Yellow River,

and the world-renowned Shaolin Temple on Mount Song

all have left indelible imprints on the city’s history


As a vibrant new event

Zhengzhou International Marathon, known as a new business card of Zhengzhou,

serves as an international event that attracts worldwide attention


As a foodie

Living in Zhengzhou is incomparably pleasing


Zhengzhou Roast Duck

is refreshing, crispy and juicy

Yellow River Carp

is known as one of the top ten famous dishes in Henan

In Zhengzhou, known as “The City of Stewed Noodles”,

Stewed Noodles is one of the highly-recommended dishes


In 2018,

with economic aggregate exceeding RMB 1 trillion for the first time,

Zhengzhou successfully joined in the “1-Trillion-Yuan Club (cities in Mainland China with annual GDP reaching RMB 1 trillion or above)”


the city’s permanent resident population exceeded 10 million in 2018,

with per capita GDP exceeding RMB 100,000

With these three major breakthroughs,

Zhengzhou is officially listed as a megacity


Zhengzhou has achieved a series of results:

being listed as a potentially important central city in the country

ranking 13th in the list of Top 100 Cities in China

ranking 9th in the list of “New First-Tier Cities in China”

making the list of “Most Fun Cities in China”

ranking 18th in the list of “Top 100 Cities with Industrial Competitiveness in China”...

ranking 12th in the list of “Best Commercial Cities in Mainland China”...

winning the title of “National Transit Metropolis Demonstration City”, etc.

In such fields as cultural tourism, urban services, and people’s livelihood construction,

Zhengzhou has achieved great results.


Zhengzhou boasts an even more brilliant future

Its influence, radiation ability, driving capability and reputation

will continue to improve

The charm of Zhengzhou

stays for the whole year

If you want to live a better life,

come here


Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration