Visit the “Flavors from the Hometown”, an Ancient Cultural Street in the Greenery Theme Park, to Taste All Delicious Foods in Henan

The ancient cultural street—“Flavors from the Hometown” will be opened in Zhengzhou Greenery Theme Park on September 27, increasing a new visiting card for the Eco-cultural tourism of the park. On that occasion, citizens and tourists can not only taste all delicious foods from eighteen regions and cities in Henan, but also appreciate the pseudo-classic architecture, and experience the charm of the local customs.

Located in Zhengzhou Greenery Theme Park, the ancient cultural street, with an total area of 1,800 square meters, including 26 single-layer and four double-layer Ming- and Qing-style Northern buildings, is a comprehensive local cultural tourism project combined with performances, manual workshops, local snacks, and tea bars. It is “a street in the street”, moreover “scenery in the scenery”. At the same time of attracting the attention from citizens and tourists, it is committed to being developed into a comprehensive scenic area with multiple functions and local cultural characteristics. 

With red lanterns hanging and palace lanterns rocking, the Ming- and Hui-style buildings stand here, whose colors—black, red and gray fuse, and fresh and natural wooden doors and carved windows integrate with willow trees and old trees, showing an elegant and quiet place in a noisy environment. Young people can find novelty here; middle-aged people can feel a sense of well-being in their lives; and older people can recall their childhood.

The memories of the old times can be manifested in the pseudo-classic architecture. In the ancient and unsophisticated street, there are traditional local snacks with characteristics of Henan and classical foods from other provinces and cities, made on site for sales, including a majority of traditional local special snacks, such as Bufan Tang (a Luoyang-style Soup), Qingke Mamai (a snack made by Highland Barley), and Zhuang Mo (a toasted bun), as well as various delicacies of intangible cultural heritage, like Jiyuan-style Dried Eggs, and Pebbles Bun. There is not any notable expensive cuisine, but common dishes, giving you a real experience of flavors in Henan.

Enter into the Greenery Theme Park to see the whole world, and eat in the “Flavors from the Hometown” to taste all foods! Bring your family to enjoy the happiness of family life here. We are waiting for you on September 27!

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