Zhengzhou Cultural Center Performs at a Rest Home

“Grandma, you listen to me...” On the morning of May 22, the “Loving Zhengzhou· Charity Stage” opera show kicked off in Pingdeng Street Community Elder Care Center, bringing a grand opera feast to the old people, who felt joyful and blessed.

The wonderful performance started with an excerpt from the classic modern opera The Red Lantern. Considering the cultural needs and aesthetics of the elderly, Zhengzhou Cultural Center Liyuanxinhua Art Troupe specially selected the excerpts from operas familiar to the elderly, such as The Red Lantern, The Red Detachment of Women and The Red Plum under the Cutter. The cultural volunteers won the unanimous praise of the audience for skilled movements and beautiful singing. “This is our favorite,” said Granny Liu in her eighties as she smiled.

Small stage, big vision. The charity stage of Zhengzhou Cultural Center will continue to promote more excellent traditional culture and fine art works that are popular to ordinary people, and constantly improve the people’s sense of gain and happiness.

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