Come to Daxiongshan Xianren Valley for Free-of-charge Spring Outings

With the arrival of spring, the bone-chilling weather begins to fade away.

While gentle spring breeze caresses our faces,

mild sunshine is close at hand.

Now, it's a good time to go for a spring outing and admire flowers.

From February 16 to March 31, visitors are allowed entry into Daxiongshan Xianren Valley Scenic Spot without tickets.

Visitors can make reservations directly at the scenic spot

or on the "Henan Cultural Tourism" WeChat applet.

Spring is a season full of vitality and energy.

In this buoyant season, we will witness the blooming of hundreds of varieties of flowers,

and have infinite yearning and hope.

Let's go out to see mountain flowers and wild grass.

They have broken through the shackles of soil

and striven to grow upward.

What they want is to burst into gorgeous blossoms

for people to enjoy.

Let's go out to climb the mountains.

If you are in a bad mood,

you had better take a rest

and climb mountains.

Every frame of the picture about the most beautiful memories

is something we should record,

including spring outings,

beautiful scenery,

and happy moments with the family, lovers and children.

Spring is full of possibilities and suitable for enjoying flowers.

Thus, it's time to have an unforgettable spring outing

with your family and friends.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration