2017 Shaolin Treasure Hunt and Henan Self-driving Travel Summit Opens

On October 28, the Double Ninth Festival, the theme event of “Self-driving in Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area for Treasure Hunt”, co-hosted by CTS (Dengfeng) Songshan Shaolin Culture Tourism Co., Ltd. and Henan Provincial People’s Government, and undertaken by Henan Tourism website (, kicked off at the Tourist Center of Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area.

On the morning, a group of 120 odd Shaolin Kong Fu kids presented a grand martial art feast to audiences at the scene, which marked the official start of the treasure hunt. Three sites in the scenic area were arranged with treasures. Participants can choose any site to hunt treasures and win red envelopes of WeChat. And those who find treasures in all three sites can have a chance to win the “lucky draw of RMB one thousand prepaid fuel cards” which sets for 14 winners. Additionally, the charity campaign of “Care for Left-Behind Children (Seniors)”, in coordination with Zhoukou Charity Federation, was launched same day in Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area, aiming to recruit public-spirited car owners to pair up with left-behind children. For seniors, left-behind children and families in need of assistance, Songshan Shaolin Scenic Area especially granted them free pass to enjoy the charming fall scenery of the scenic area.

The Shaolin Treasure Hunt and Henan Self-driving Travel Summit was reported as a perfect mixture of fashion, charity, festival, self-driving, game, etc., receiving unanimous applause from car owners from various places. To up the game, Shaolin Scenic Area will hold more exciting activities for tourists in the next three weeks, including the “Songshan Outdoor Trekking Campaign” scheduled on November 12 and the “10 Thousand Little Journalists Visits Songshan” scheduled on November 18.

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