Zhengzhou Launches A Series of Measures to Continuously Improve the Public Civilization Quality of Citizens

It was learned from the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism yesterday, that the Bureau issued relevant plans, and the municipal culture, radio, television and tourism system will launch a series of measures from various aspects such as strengthening educational guidance and integrating literary and artistic publicity.

Strengthen the educational guidance. According to the Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Conduct in Zhengzhou City, the Bureau will continue to promote the events in scenic areas with common sense of public civilization.

Incorporate literature and art promotion. We will vigorously implement the project which benefit people through culture, organize literary and art workers to go deep into the grassroots level, and focus on the demonstration of civilized concepts, advanced models, ethical styles by means of comic, poetry, prose and other literary and artistic works, and strive to enhance influence, attractiveness and shaping.

Focus on governance in key regions. Focusing on public cultural service places, departments concerned will strengthen the publicity of common sense of public civilization and the guidance of civilized behavior, strengthen the responsibility of the competent unit, and drive the improvement of the overall urban order with the key governance of key areas.

Give full play to the role of volunteer service. The Bureau will continuously shine on the "Green City Envoy" brand of volunteer service, give full play to the demonstration and leading role of volunteer service in the improvement of public civilization quality, consolidate the "1 plus 4 plus N" pattern, and promote the normalization of "Spring Rain Action in the Green City".

Cultivate awareness of home. Extensively carry out publicity and education activities on the theme of "Our City" to continuously raise the awareness of the people's homeland, citizenship and courtesy.

Deepen the pattern of co-construction and co-governance. The Bureau will extensively carry out thematic practice activities for the improvement of employee civilization quality, actively lead the cadres and employees to be the main force and forerunner in the improvement of public civilization quality of the citizens, develop civilized behavior habits, and promote the continuous improvement of public civilization quality of the employees.


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