New Attractions of Daxiongshan Xianren Valley

A pleasant journey begins at the moment you open the car door.

Go on a one-day journey with your family in an air-conditioned car!

Destination: Daxiongshan Xianren Valley

Address for navigation: East Entrance, Daxiongshan Xianren Valley, Xuzhuang Town, Dengfeng City

Distance: 60 km; about 1.5 hours by car

Hotline: 0371-62925666

The East Entrance of Daxiongshan Xianren Valley lies amidst spectacular mountain scenery. What you see here is a landscape of sheer beauty: the Haitun Bay is hemmed in on all sides by green mountains, boats chug in the ripples on the lake surface, and carefree fishes swim in the water.

Cheerful visitors going up the deep Creek Valley can snap a shot with their mobile phone camera in the "beautification" mode on the Wistaria Walk or watch a dazzling Wa ethnic performance on the Waterfront Stage.

The list of scenic spots does not end here. Walk on and you'll see Xianren Cave, Windmill Walk, Lovers' Valley, and Aquatic Sports Valley and enjoy local delicacies in the food plaza.

Now it's time to "clock in" at the first stop, online sensation bridge. Do you want to see more at this point? The next stop is Yelling Spring, where a stream of water rises to an altitude of 166 m as you yell. Want to show off your lung's capacity? Go ahead!

The third stop is Seven-Color Roller Skating, accessible by taking the sightseeing bus. You can have a thrilling experience as you go down one of the slides that come in seven colors. Not to your heart's content? Challenge yourself on the 266-meter-long, 106-meter-high 5D Glass Bridge to a walk in the air. Still not to your heart's content? Try the Jungle Glass Slide.

Your refreshing tour begins from the 1.5-hour drifting in the U-shaped groove—a tremendous opportunity for you to enjoy coolness in sweltering summer or, if time permits, to watch the Flying Man performance.

How time flies! One day's journey is almost over. You must be exhausted after playing in water. Change your cloths, get some rest before posting your photos on Moments on your ride home.

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