Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park Takes Multiple Measures to Ensure Tourists' Safety

The fine weather in recent days has raised people's enthusiasm for traveling, and they started to have an outing in spring. With verdant vegetation and beautiful scenery, Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park has become the first choice for citizens of Zhengzhou and its surrounding areas. Coupled with folk performances, night tours, free tickets and other activities held in the park, Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park is quite popular these days, especially on weekends, attracting a large number of tourists.

In order to ensure the safe and smooth tour of tourists, Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park has strengthened its deployment and created a safe and orderly environment for tourists through measures such as traffic diversion and visitor flow guidance as well as various security measures. During the weekend, all front-line staff in the park are on duty. From the parking lots to the entrances, they offer help to tourists with warm guidance and patient explanation. The processes of reservation, check-in, temperature measurement and registration are carried out smoothly and orderly, which greatly saves the time for visitors to wait in line.

The peak hours for tourists to enter the park are from 10:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. To ensure traffic safety, Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park has assigned more special personnel on duty at key periods, key road sections and key intersections, and strengthened traffic management to ensure the order of the surroundings.

With the increase in visitor flow, the number of lost items and lost people in the park has also increased. In order to protect tourists' property and safety, the park has strengthened personnel patrols in key places and main roads to provide timely help for tourists. Meanwhile, through the coordination of broadcasting, customer service, security and other posts, an effective mechanism is formed to ensure that tourists can immediately get help from our staff in case of lost items and lost people.

The park is also open at night. As night falls, when everyone is immersed in the wonderful world of light and shadow, our staff still stick to their posts. "Please mind the steps", "Please stay away from the water", our staff will always be on your side to maintain the order and give you warm reminders and guidance.

Recently, the weather is dry, and fire and other safety accidents are likely to occur. The park has strengthened fire safety management, and there are staff members reminding tourists not to discard cigarette butts at will. It has also strengthened patrol, and firefighting trucks are on standby 24 hours a day to ensure fire safety inside and outside the park.

Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park has actively implemented safety management and service guarantee measures to ensure the safety of tourists.

Here, I remind you to make a real-name reservation in advance in the "Henan Wenlv Tong" mini program, and make sure of personal protection when going out. You need to check relevant policies on pandemic prevention and control in the park, and take good care of your belongings and your family during your travel. Enjoy yourselves in the park.

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