12.348 million Tourists Visited Zhengzhou during the National Day Holiday

During the National Day holiday, the cultural tourism market of Zhengzhou was safe, stable, civilized, and orderly. According to statistics, the city received 12.348 million tourists, realizing a total tourism revenue of 5.44 billion yuan, which was restored to 90% of the same period in 2019 according to comparable standards.

Strict Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures

During the holiday, the city’s culture and tourism institutions strictly implement the prevention and control of cultural tourism in all links of the epidemic in accordance with the requirements of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council.

Wonderful Activities in Various Scenic Areas

During the holiday, CCRE • Huayi Brothers Film Culture Town, Unique Henan·Fantastic Theater City, Enjoyland, Fantawild, Huangdi Romance Park, and other emerging business scenic areas integrating culture, tourism, culture and innovation were welcomed by tourists.

The Festival Atmosphere of Blessing the Motherland is Strong

Many A-level scenic areas and cultural museums launched a variety of cultural tourism products around the characteristics of the National Day holiday.

Be a Civilized Tourist

During the holiday, all Bureaus of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism at all levels and cultural tourism companies in Zhengzhou were active in providing volunteer services. They called for the uncivilized-behavior supervisors and volunteers to remind and stop the uncivilized behaviors of tourists.

Short-distance Road Trips Popular among Tourists

In the stage of normalized epidemic prevention and control, citizens and tourists had a strong awareness of prevention and control and chose not to go out of the province unless necessary. Short-distance travel became the "hotcake" in the tourism market. Family tours and parent-child tours were the main travel groups during the National Day holiday.

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