Three Exhibition Halls Featuring Folk Customs Will Kick Off in Green Expo Garden During Spring Festival

In order to inherit the national culture and popularize the long-lost folk arts and crafts, Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden holds folk customs exhibitions with unique features during Chinese New Year every year. Excellent folk arts and crafts demonstrations will bring the citizens a show that integrates historical relics and contemporary civilization, and ancient craftsmanship and modern culture.

This year, the exhibition halls will present Henan-Shaanxi Mianhua Exhibition, Luoyang Embroidery Art Exhibition, and Central Plains Gourd Art Exhibition. At present, the work for the displays has entered the stage of intense preparation and arrangement. From the first day to the 16th day of the first lunar month, the three exhibition halls will open to the public. Then, the citizens can feel the charm of intangible cultural heritage at close range.

A total of nearly 200 exhibits at the Central Plains Gourd Art Exhibition are all excellent works of the inheritors of gourd crafts from the Central Plains region. Every piece is vivid, exquisite and delicate, with its unique craftsmanship. The five different crafts of engraving, filigree, pyrography, painting, and embossing give visitors a wonderful view of gourd art.

Luoyang Embroidery Art Exhibition will show the traditional charm of Chinese embroidery through nearly 200 outstanding works such as “The Graceful Peony”, “The Pure Lotus”, “The Gorgeous Pomegranate Flower”, “The Butterflies”, “Magpies—The Auspicious Messengers”, “The Bats Bring Good Fortune”, “The Affectionate Couple”, etc.”

More than 150 works exhibited at the Henan-Shaanxi Mianhua Exhibition are mainly selected from Heyang, the “home of Mianhua art”. All the exhibits are perfect for their vivid and exaggerated styles, bright and eye-catching colors, rich flavor of folk customs, and exquisite and delicate production.

Come here with your children and immerse yourselves in traditional Chinese folk culture during the Spring Festival, you will have more direct enlightenment than what books can offer.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration