Moxiang Heshan (the Spectacular Landscapes in Ink) -- Exhibition of Zhang Shoujian’s Landscape Paintings Raised Its Curtains

On the morning of January 6, Moxiang Heshan (the Spectacular Landscape in Ink) -- Exhibition of Zhang Shoujian’s Landscape Painting raised its curtains at Henan Museum, exhibiting 76 elaborate landscape paintings well selected from Zhang Shoujian’s arts over the decades.

Born in Changyuan County, Henan Province, Zhang Shoujian is a member of Chinese Artists Association and Henan Artists Association, Deputy Director and Secretary General of Landscape Painting Art Committee of Henan Artists Association. As one of the most renowned masters in landscape paintings in Henan Province, Zhang has developed a distinctive artistic style that perfectly combines the natural charms with the vitality of the brushwork after dozens of his explorations of Taihang Mountains, Mount Song, Jiuzhaigou and the bank of the Yellow River. His paintings of Jiuzhaigou present magnificence and splendor. With his characteristic brushwork, Zhang has created simple and vigorous paintings based on the real scenery of the Central Plains landscape, including Taihang Mountains, the Yellow River, and Funiu Mountains. Zhang’s majestic and grand paintings enjoy wide recognition and excellent reputations. His paintings have been exhibited or awarded in the exhibitions organized by the Ministry of Culture, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Chinese Artists Association and other organizations over the decades.

The exhibition highlights 76 of Zhang’s works, ranging from giant paintings (145×365cm) to simple and exquisite ones. Zhang Jianfeng, Vice Chairman of Henan Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Henan Provincial Calligraphers Association, speaks highly of Zhang Shoujian: “Full of vigorous momentum and simple beauty, his art is a brand new landmark of the Central Plains landscape paintings.” Zhang Shoujian always pours his genuine passion into his paintings,especially those depicting the Central Plains landscape, his profound love to his hometown surges between the lines of the paintings.

Sponsored by the Publicity Department of Henan Province, Henan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the China Railway Zhengzhou Railway Administration Group Co., Ltd., the exhibition is organized by Henan Artists Association, Henan Museum, Henan Provincial Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Changyuan County Committee, and Changyuan County People′s Government. The exhibition is open to the public for free until January 11.

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