An Online Sightseeing Tour to Zhengzhou Green Expo Park | Look! Beautiful Ginkgos

Due to the protracted COVID-19 pandemic,

we cannot get together for the moment;

Another gust of autumn wind doubles the coldness.


Ginkgos never break the appointment with autumn.

Ginkgo leaves fall amidst the wind,

but the beauty of life

is everlasting.

The weather has been cold;

May your hearts be warm when seeing the golden leaves.

Golden leaves keep silent under autumn sun;

They then flutter with wind.

Beautiful Ginkgos

pass through thousands of years of wind, frost, rain, and snow.

The years are rolling on,

but they always show the brilliance and infinity of life.

The online sightseeing tour to Zhengzhou Green Expo Park misses no beautiful scenery in this place.

We look forward to the early end of the pandemic and to meeting you again.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration