Letter of Condolence to Nursing Staff in Zhengzhou

To nursing staff in Zhengzhou:

The Green City in May is full of vitality. Zhengzhou’s overall situation in fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic has shown a stable performance with good momentum for getting better, and we shall consolidate the results in time. At this critical moment, the 111th International Nurses Day is coming. The CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee and Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government send greetings and best wishes to all nursing staff in the city and express sincere gratitude and great respect to all “angels in white” fighting at the frontline and your considerate families offering support.

The nursing team is an important strength on the battlefield fighting for health and is a tough warrior safeguarding people’s lives. In a long term, nursing teams have made great contributions to building Healthy Zhengzhou and promoting the national central city’s modernization in medical treatment and public health. In particular, since the outbreak of COVID-19, more than 60,000 nursing staff have been sparing no pains to fight tirelessly for Zhengzhou, winning victories one after another in the battle against the epidemic. In the face of the current changes in the epidemic, all nursing staff proceeds without hesitation. You are back on duty in designated hospitals, fever clinics, quarantine areas, and many other battlefields fighting against COVID-19; devote yourselves to nucleic acid testing, vaccination, epidemiological investigation, medical transfer, and other work at the frontline; support the battle against the epidemic in Shanghai proactively and serve the big picture of epidemic prevention and control with all your strength. You sacrificed your own interests to serve the benefits of all, building a solid line of defense and composing a hymn of heroes. You practiced your noble professional spirit through respecting life, saving lives, selfless devotion, and universal love. You are well-deserved angels in white. You are the most adorable people in this new era.

At present, Zhengzhou is undergoing a pivotal period for carrying out work centering on “benchmark, standard, and breakthrough”, implementing the “ten major strategies”, and accelerating the modernization drive of the national central city. We firmly adhere to the general policy of “dynamic zero-case” for epidemic prevention and control, safeguard people’s life and health, and undertake the arduous mission of stabilizing the big picture of economic and social development. We hope all nursing staff in Zhengzhou could continue to carry forward the great anti-epidemic spirits, keep General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions firmly in mind, and stick to the principle of “people first, life upmost”, so as to better shoulder your sacred duties as angels in white. Please spare no efforts to win the battle against COVID-19 and make new contributions to promoting the construction of Healthy Zhengzhou and improving the medical and health security of the entire society. Sectors at all levels shall continue to care for nursing staff by means of completing security and incentive mechanisms and creating a good social atmosphere, thus providing a broad stage for nursing staff to fulfill their potential and accomplish their values.

We believe, by virtue of the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the leadership of Henan Provincial Party Committee and Henan Provincial People’s Government, the solidarity of all people in Zhengzhou, and the selfless dedication of all nursing staff, we must win the battle against the epidemic and make great achievements in economic and social development, greeting the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with excellent outcomes.

At last, we wish all nursing staff a happy Nurses Day, good health, successful work, and a harmonious family.


CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee

and Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government

May 12, 2022

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