Summer Tour丨"Summer at Tongxin Lake" is Launched for Fun! Enjoy a Cool Summer in the Garden Expo Park

What does summer look like in your imagination? Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park has the answer!

Last weekend, the summer activities for the public good with the theme of "Summer at Tongxin Lake" started with joy, attracting many citizens and tourists. Visitors can enjoy the dazzling night view, see a live band, watch open-air movies, shop in the fair lit throughout with fluorescent lighting, have outdoor camping, and get a one-stop leisure and entertainment experience of eating, drinking, playing and enjoying.

As night falls, the heat wave gradually dissipates. With the crisp chirping of cicadas and the delicate evening breeze, an open-air movie was being shown on the grass in front of the Xuanyuan Pavilion. The beautiful images in the movie, with this gentle night as a background, became more impressive. The audience sat on the lawn or in the tent to enjoy the movie quietly and feel the romantic atmosphere of summer.

In the square on the west side of Huasheng Pavilion, songs of various styles such as folk and rock were performed on the stage one after another. A piece of Lonely Warrior triggered a chorus on stage, and the children excitedly danced to the music. In the colorful atmosphere, visitors sat around in twos and threes, enjoying the wonderful performance while drinking with friends and family. It was a good time to have a drink and talk.

In addition, the market by Tongxin Lake also injected vitality into the summer evening. DQ ice cream, thick-cut fried yogurt, Shuyi milk tea, boneless chicken feet, Xinjiang barbecue… The wide variety of snacks is so mouth-watering that you can't help but have your mouth filled with delicious food. The car boot sales along the road were quite popular. Many visitors were attracted by the exquisite handmade jewelry and stopped to find their own favorites.

The show goes on and on! The "Summer at Tongxin Lake" event will last until August 31, during which you can receive up to 40 yuan market vouchers every Friday and Saturday by purchasing tickets through the ticket window at the south gate or through the official mini-program of Enjoy the Garden Expo Park (畅游园博园).

Come to Garden Expo Park and embrace the summer! Come to take a walk around the lake to cool off, watch the clouds and the sunset alternate with magic, indulge in the romantic atmosphere of music and movies, stroll through the poetic gardens and the charming market, and embrace all the best elements of summer in your arms.


Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration