Here is the Park with the Most Historical Charm in Zhengzhou

The soul of a city,

is deposited in thousands of years of historic sites,

integrated in to urban construction,

 and tells the length of the history.

Let's follow the reporter to Shangdu Ruins Park

to explore the old town.

A major feature of the park

is the ruins of the city wall.

Connected by sparse forest and grassland,

ruins of the city wall are like exhibits on golden velvet blankets.

Use gold hemp stone as retaining wall

to surround the precious city wall,

reflecting its magnificence.

Shangdu Relics Park

National Key Cultural Relics Protection Units

Shang Dynasty Capital City Site

has a continuous context and endless contacts in the past 3,600 years since its establishment.

The Shangdu Archaeological Park, now opened, has been added in the first list of National Archaeological Site Park in October, 2010.

In this late autumn

There is fine and crisp autumn weather with the beauty of wind and sunshine

Join the editor for an incredible trip in Shangdu

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