Cherry Valley Scenic Area Opens to the Public During the National Day

So long and so much it has been expected, the National Day holiday have come. In the southwest of Erqi District, Zhengzhou, the Cherry Valley Scenic Area has been renovated and will be open to the public.

Ecological pastoral land, charming Cherry Valley Scenic Area

As the only national 4A rural tourism resort run by the government in Henan, the Cherry Valley Scenic Area is billed as “the planting region of cherry in Central Plains and the paradise for hiking”. It is home to a 50-thousand-mu conservation forest, which creates a land of idyllic beauty with a refreshing landscape in autumn.

It is credited as the China Taobao Village by Ali Research, and every corner is bathed in an intense atmosphere of maker art. This area also gathers people skilled in wood carving, lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting, iron craftsmanship, painting, and intangible cultural heritage (ICH) items.

A popular town of sports

Located in the Cherry Valley Scenic Area, Jianye Football Town combines sports, leisure, tourism, entertainment, and culture. In its Good Life Center, traditional cloth art, wood carving, Chengni inkstone, soft brush calligraphy, paper cutting, and other ICH arts are presented on the plaza. Visitors not only have chances to experience the unique charm of ICH and craftsmanship but also try DIY guided by the masters.

The overall greening rate is over 80%, and a football park, covering 97 mu, provides an optimal site for sports. Visitors can choose the models of eleven-a-side, seven-a-side, and five-a-side as they wish, and the waterfall swing and colorful lighting seesaw near the site also open for free.

The forest, covering 65 mu, has a coverage rate of over 95%. Various professional cycling tracks and cycling climbing fields take 1,400 square meters, and the mountain cycling tracks take 3,000 square meters. Besides, visitors can also enjoy the tree-surrounding and stream-cutting cycling amusement park.

Other sites include the Central Plains Culture Gallery, Football Competitive Area, Totem Tribe Area, Antique and Enjoyment Area, Amusement Area for Families, Smart Park, and Northern Europe Smart Park. During the National Day holidays, the Northern Europe Smart Park will open such programs as SUTU Football Wall, MEMO Totem Challenge Area, TORO Football Challenge Area, and SONA Family Sports Area.

The architectural complexes carrying the style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties have reproduced scenes of ancient life with traditional yards, cave dwellings, and outdoor stage. The Jianye Dining Hall offers special snacks from 18 counties and cities of Henan, ICH delicacies, and traditional Henan cuisine. Manual workshops, local speciality stores, operas of famous performers, and penkong talk show can also be found there.

Exploring the antique beauty of Diaoyu Valley Scenic Area

Diaoyu Valley Scenic Area, covering around 2.14 square kilometers, rests at the upstream of Jian’gang Reservoir. It has developed for providing a pleasant site for fishing and barbecue since the 1990s and now become a critical scenic spot in the Cherry Valley Scenic Area. Diaoyu Valley Scenic Area also proudly has high forest coverage rate, picturesque landscape, agreeable climate, and forest-embracing villages.

Visitors will have the heart-soothing and refreshing feeling thanks to its surrounding mountains, crisscrossing rivers, erecting peaks, meandering paths, deep forests, and ancient sites. The five tourist spots include the Valley Hiking Area, Original Ecology Experiencing Area, Leisure Fishing and Dining Area, Bamboo Sea and Lotus Pond Sightseeing Area, and Ancient Cultural Relic Inheritance Area. Over a long time, the Cherry Valley Scenic Area has highlighted both protection and development, adhered to green development, and advanced the economy powered by natural beauty. Besides, it also takes industries of rural cultural innovation, rural cultural tourism, picking experience, sports, rural e-commerce as the support and is striving to build itself into a demonstration area of a beautiful idyllic life, demonstration belt of all-region rural tourism in the southwest of Zhengzhou, and China’s national 5A scenic resort.


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