Over 100 Varieties of 40,000 Pots of Chrysanthemum – This Place Will Impress You!

During the Frost’s Descent,

Chrysanthemum is blooming.

There is an ideal place for

enjoying chrysanthemum in Zhengzhou.

It is nearby and free of charge!

On the morning of October 26,

the 2019 “Green and Flowery Zhengzhou”

Autumn Chrysanthemum Show

kicked off at People’s Park along with the warm sun in autumn.

The event will last until November 11!

Event Details

This show was sponsored by

Zhengzhou Gardens Bureau and organized by People’s Park.

Over 100 varieties of 40,000 pots of chrysanthemum, such as “Chunri Jianshan”, “Guohua Dafang”,

and “Longfei Fengwu”, were displayed in this event.

The show is themed on “Autumn Scenery”.

By adopting the way of the whole arrangement in the garden and the combination of main spots and supporting spots,

this event presents an elaborate chrysanthemum feast!

The main spots cover the East Gate of the Park, Qiuyuan Square,

Central  Square,

Lotus Pool and West Gate of the Park.

The spots include “Qiuyang Jiuzhou”, “Qiuchi Yueying”,

 “Juran Qiushan”, “Linxia Qiuse” and “Juhui Qiushe”,

with supporting spots such as the Bamboo Garden, Qingnian Road and the South Gate.

People can immerse themselves in a huge sea of chrysanthemum of all colors.

By perfectly combining modelling chrysanthemum, bonsai chrysanthemum and potted chrysanthemum

with seasonal flowers,

The People’s Park shows the unique landscape in autumn.

During the event,

from October 28 to November 3,

the Bonsai Garden (Qiuyuan) of People’s Park

will be open to the public for free. 

People can enjoy the chrysanthemum

and more than 1,000 pots of bonsai chrysanthemum in the park!

In such cool autumn days,

appreciating chrysanthemum is undoubtedly

the best thing to do.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration