11 Projects Selected as ICH Projects

Zhengzhou’s 14 inheritors of 11 projects including the ancient pottery firing techniques would be selected as the representative inheritors of the fourth batch of district-level intangible cultural heritage (ICH) projects, according to news from the review meeting of representative inheritors in Erqi District on October 14.

Representative inheritors of ICH projects, as important carriers and transmitters, possess the rich knowledge and exquisite skills, and are the representatives of ICH protection and inheritance. This review was conducted in strict accordance with the declaration procedure for ICH representative inheritors and in an open, fair and just manner. According to the review, 11 projects including Zhengzhou ancient pottery firing techniques, woolen yarn embroidery, full-surface bronze rubbing, cross punch, pedicure techniques, the legend of Jialu River, Li’s acupuncture and moxibustion, Wu’s new Tai Chi moves, Tong’s stone art and Shen’s tofu making techniques were selected as the fourth batch of district-level ICH projects in Erqi District. 14 inheritors such as Wang Hongwei and Wang Qianni were selected as representative inheritors in the district.

Next, Erqi District Cultural Center and Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center of Erqi District will make great efforts on the exploration and sorting out of ICH, organize and carry out record protection work, and encourage and support representative inheritors of ICH in Erqi District to carry out inheritance and communication activities, thus promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture in the district.

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