Another 14 National 4A Scenic Areas Were Officially Approved in Henan Province. One of Them Could Be Your Hometown!

Recently, another 14 scenic areas in Henan Province were approved as 4A tourist attractions. For some, the title is long overdue. As for some others, it is the official approval that brought them to the spotlight. All of them received the title very recently though, their breath-taking beauty has been there for quite a long time. These scenic areas can be found in cities including Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Puyang, Sanmenxia, Xuchang, Shangqiu and Xinyang. Come and see whether you are familiar with some of them.

Some of you might be glad that so many new places of interest are available and that so many national 4A scenic areas make your hometown an even more appealing place to go.

Such an excitement is understandable, since it’s not easy to get approved as national 4A scenic area, which entails sound environment and plenty of scenic spots, and must go through a set of strict standard ratings.

Additionally, national 4A scenic areas must be in compliance with rules and regulations on tourism safety, tourism traffic, service system, sanitation in scenic areas, post and telecommunications services, tourism shopping, operation and management, and the capacity of resources and environment. For scenic areas applying for 4A status, they should work to get the endorsement of authorities at both county and municipal levels. Then the Provincial Judging Panel of Scenic Areas would conduct a thorough investigation, and leading party group will make a collective study to decide whether the scenic area is recommendable.

I bet that you feel all the more proud at the sight of such complicated procedures. Now let’s take a glance at these new offerings.

New 4A scenic areas in Zhengzhou

Red Stone Forest Scenic Area of Xinmi City

Red Stone Forest Scenic Area is located in Jianshan Village and Niuxinshi Village of Jianshan Mountain Scenic Area in Xinmi City. Covering a landmass of around 5km2, it’s the largest scenic area of stone forests in Central China and the origin of Fu Xi Culture.

The scenic area features overlapping mountains that are magnificent and rough yet with graceful beauty. Tourists are always amazed by such scenery. 

Ticket: RMB 60

Address: Jianshan Village and Niuxinshi Village, the Administrative Committee of
Jianshan Mountain Scenic Area, Xinmi City

Cherry Valley Scenic Area of Erqi District

Located in Erqi District of Zhengzhou, Cherry Valley Scenic Area has been billed as “the Hometown of Cherry in Central Plains and the Paradise for Hiking”, and thus being regarded as an ecological garden of downtown Zhengzhou.

You can find the area agreeable with fresh air and ravines weaving through the land. The place would become more pleasing with blooming cherry flowers in every March and juicy cherry fruits in May.

Ticket: RMB 20

Address: Houzhai Township, Erqi District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

Yellow River Fujing Ecological World

Yellow River Fujing Ecological World is known for its premium black seedless grapes. It’s also home to over 1,500-mu orchard for sightseeing and the planting area of specialty crops, as well as an ideal place for recreation.

The scenic area sits at Yellow River Beach to the north of Babao Village, Huayuankou Town, Huiji District. The unique environmental advantages make the scenic area a nice place for special crop cultivation, special livestock raising, green food processing and other ecological processing agriculture. Many tourists have been attracted to view the scenery.

Ticket: RMB 30

Address: Yellow River Beach, Babao Village, Huayuankou Town, Huiji District, Zhengzhou City


New 4A scenic areas in Luoyang

Tianhe Grand Canyon Scenic Area of Luoyang

As one of the core scenic areas of Mt. Funiushan Global Geopark, Tianhe Grand Canyon Scenic Area is located in the Jiaohe Town, 35km southwest of Luanchuan County.

The scenic area features magnificent mountains, lush vegetation, clean streams, ponds, waterfalls, exotic flowers and rare herbs. It’s an ideal place to explore strange stones, towering mountains, beautiful waters, and tranquil forests.

Ticket: RMB 50

Address: Jiaohe Town, 35km southwest of Luanchuan County, Luoyang City

Qingyao Mountain Scenic Area of Luoyang

Qingyao Mountain Scenic Area has always been renowned for its mystery and superb natural landscape. It’s also a holy mountain associated with Yellow Emperor, the mythological ancestor of the Chinese people. 

The scenic area boasts picturesque scenery, overlapping peaks, waterfalls and ponds. Tourists can choose among three quality tour routes, including Qingnv Peak, Shuanglong (double dragons) Valley, and Xidayuan.

Ticket: RMB 70

Address: Northwest of Xin’an County, Luoyang

Ercheng Cultural Park in Yichuan County

Located at the foot of the Jingshan Park, Ercheng Cultural Park, built to commemorate Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi, currently is the largest Confucian cultural garden in China.

There are over 500 ancient cypress trees in the park which consists of the Tomb of Cheng in the back and the Temple of Cheng in the front. The temple is composed of a doorway, wing-rooms and a hall, as well as dozens of square stone tablets from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Ticket: RMB 60

Address: Cheng Village, Tianhu Town, Song County, Luoyang City

New 4A scenic areas in Puyang

Commenced in 1999, Pushangyuan Tourist Resort, covering a total area of 5,935 mu, is the largest artificial garden in Central Plains with mountains and lakes.

The park includes four lakes—Leize Lake, Xixiu Lake, Dongling Lake and Yazhi Lake. A huge landscape picture is formed by the waters covering an area of more than 960 mu, and rolling ridges.

Ticket: Free-of-charge

Address: West of the urban area of Puyang


New 4A scenic areas in Sanmenxia

Shanzhou Silo-Cave Scenic Area

It is the only underground ancient residential building in China and the world at large. “People can only see the trees but not the village, cannot see any houses once walking in the village, cannot see any doors once stepping in a house, and cannot see any people even though they can hear the sound” is exactly what it is in the scenic area.

It is sturdy and durable, wind-proof, sound-proof and quake-proof. The feature, warm in winter and cool in summer, makes the houses natural air-conditioned rooms.

Ticket: RMB 60

Address: Beiying Village, Zhangbian Township, Shanzhou District, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province

Western Henan Herb Garden

Situated in Xinping Village, Guandaokou Town, Lushi County and known as a “natural herb storehouse”, this garden is a comprehensive eco-tourism demonstration park of traditional Chinese medicine, including Chinese herbal cultivation, traditional Chinese medicine health experience, four-season fruit picking, and characteristic folk custom experience.

The characteristic scenic spots include Colorful Sea of Flowers, Western Henan Ancient Village, Yaoxin Valley, Twenty-Four Flower Messager Winds, Private Garden of Seven Fairies, Six Golden Flowers, Five-Color Hillside, Four-Season Orchard, Bee Farm in the Mountain, and Collection of Country Cuisine.

Ticket: RMB 60

Address: Xinping Village, Guandaokou Town, Lushi County


New 4A scenic area in Xuchang

Colorful Earth Sightseeing and Leisure Tourist Area

Covering an area of 5,000 mu, this tourist area focuses on idyllic sightseeing, flowers and farming culture.

The 2,000-mu flower field looks like a glorious sea of flowers with lilies, Verbena bonariensis, zinnias, and lavender. Although these are not superior varieties, the image of millions of them huddling together is particularly spectacular.

Ticket: RMB 80

Address: Intersection of Huahai Avenue and Huaxi Avenue, Yanling County, Xuchang City


New 4A scenic area in Shangqiu

Shangqiu Sun and Moon Lake Scenic Area

The Sun and Moon Lake is currently the largest open park in the urban area of Shangqiu. With nearly 10,000 green trees, this park can not only rest people’s eyes, but also significantly improves the ecological environment.

With a total area of 1.62 km2, and 1.02-square-kilometer water area, this park is a comprehensive project combined with the diversion of Yellow River to Dragon Lake, irrigation and water source compensation, and ecological sightseeing.

Ticket: Free-of-charge

Address: Intersection of Zhongzhou Road and Hongbin Road, Suiyang District, Shangqiu City


New 4A scenic areas in Xinyang

Henan Dasu Mountain National Forest Park

Located in Guangshan County, Xinyang City, Dasu Mountain National Forest Park covers a total area of 2,788.53 hectares, including Dasu Mountain, Longshou Mountain, and Wangmu Temple.

This park covers a forest area of 2,573.81 hectares, with the forest coverage rate of 92.3%. The characteristic scenic spots include Wangmu Temple, Jingju Temple and Blue-Sky Resort.

Ticket: Unknown for now

Address: Dongwan Village, Nanxiangdian Township, Guangshan County

Jingangtai Mao'er Peak Tourist Area

Mao'er Peak Scenic Area of Jingangtai National Geopark is a comprehensive geopark integrated with geological landform, subtropical scenery, biological treasures, and red culture.

Covering an area of 138 km2, this scenic area comprises three mountains and two rivers, as well as numerous V-shaped valleys, pools, waterfalls, streams, caves, strange stones, animals and plants, earning itself a distinctive place.

Ticket: RMB 50

Address: Township Road 004, Shangcheng County, Xinyang City

Linglong Lake Eco-culture Tourist Area

Linglong Lake is always reputed as the “Jiangnan-style Scenic Area in Northern China and the Northern China-style Tourist Attraction in Jiangnan”. It is situated at a prime position connecting three 4A scenic areas—Nanwan Lake, Lingshan Temple and Jigong Mountain. Here boasts its convenient transportation. It is only a 15-minute drive from the urban area.

There are rich natural landscapes, such as mountain carpeted with tea plants, bamboo forest, Duhe River, Linglong Lake and ancient ginkgo trees. With 200,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter, this scenic area is a genuine “natural oxygen bar”.

Ticket: RMB 30

Address: Duhe Village, Dongshuanghe Town, Shihe District, Xinyang City

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