Having 6.59 Million Visitors! Tourism in Zhengzhou make RMB 4.5 billion during the spring festival

During the Spring Festival Holidays, when people stayed put, tourism in Zhengzhou is soaring. Our reporter heard from the Zhengzhou Department of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism that during this Spring Festival Holidays, the city had 6.59 million visits, which increased by 47.8% compared with the corresponding period of 2019; the total revenue of tourism reached RMB 4.512 billion, which increased by 76.3% compared with the corresponding period of 2019. In particular, the 18 main scenic spots had 1.38 million visits and earned RMB 84.8793 million. During the Spring Festive Holidays, the Zhengzhou Theater performed Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty, which was on the trends of Weibo and read over 100 million times. It was reported and praised by many media of the central party like the Xinhua News Agency and the People's Daily. Zhengzhou East Station, which was mentioned in the Spring Festival Gala, became a popular place for people to visit.

During the Spring Festival Holidays, Zhengzhou perfectly completed the task of plague prevention and enriching recreation for people staying put during the holidays. Zhengzhou strictly implemented measures against the pandemic, elaborately prepared the cultural and tourism programs, relegated the culture and tourism market. With the local governments' effort, the Zhengzhou culture and tourism market went smooth and safe with order. In general, the culture and tourism market of Zhengzhou had the following characteristics:

We did everything we could to combat the pandemic.

To implement the policy of combating the pandemic in the culture and tourism market during the Spring Festival Holidays, the Department of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism prompted scenic spots, travel agencies, restaurants and other culture market bodies to strictly comply with the plague prevention measures according to relevant policies and the principle apanage management. In this way it made sure that every plague prevention policies were strictly carried out. Every leader of the Department was in charge of a district. And there were 16 groups to supervise the order, plague prevention, safe production, service quality, professional's behaviors of the culture and tourism market.

Cultural buildings like Zhengzhou library, Zhengzhou Art Museum, and Zhengzhou Cultural Center required visitors' ID card and health QR code. Visitors must first take temperatures and wear masks, after that they could enter the building. The number of visitors was controlled, and the public areas was disinfected. All scenic spots strictly implemented the plague prevention measures, and carried out the requirements of "limited visitors, reservation before entering and staggered shifts". The carrying capacity must be within 75%. The Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park perfectly completed the work of checking health QR Code, taking temperature, registration and disinfection. It adopted the model of limited reservation to control the number of visitors. Fantawild Adventure and Fantawild Dreamland adopted measures like "buying tickets by ID card", "entering after taking temperature and checking health QR code", and "regular disinfection". They successfully controlled the number of visitors and did well in combating the pandemic. CCRE • Huayi Brothers Film Culture Town strictly controlled the number of visitors. In the meanwhile, it directed the visitors to keep the social distance of over 1 meters when buying tickets, visiting, resting and having meals in order to avoid gathering.

We took many measures to meet people's need for recreation.

During the holidays, the 2021 Zhengzhou special performance "Warm Spring Festival", which was sponsored by the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal government and the Department of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, enriched citizens' holiday life. To create the festive, warm, considerate atmosphere, the Department of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism held the activity of "Staying in Zhengzhou during the Spring Festival, Enriching Citizens' Recreation during the Beginning of New Year". In this activity, there were several measures to make tourism more convenient to make people enjoy the colorful recreation.

Zhengzhou Library held 30 activities during the Spring Festival Holidays, while Zhengzhou Cultural Center combined with other institutions to hold online and offline cultural events like intangible cultural markets, calligraphy exhibition and lantern riddles. Zhengzhou Art Museum held "Spending Spring Festival Holidays in Art Museum" activity, while the WeChat Official Account "Zhengzhou Culture and Tourism" had the special column for all kinds of messages about tourism and cultural events, and it broadcast online to guide citizens arrange their visiting properly. Those videos could be clicked and watched by citizens. All main scenic spots carefully planned tourism products of different themes and styles to satisfy the diverse demands from the tourists. Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park held the 4th Chinese New Year Cultural Festival, introducing wonderful cultural performances and activities, which attract many tourists. CCRE • Huayi Brothers Film Culture Town launched a series of activities of "Enjoy Films in Spring Festival" where more than 400 actors provided over 100 immersive performances, bringing an unforgettable experience to visitors. The theme activity of "Having a Happy Spring Festival Celebration in Boonic Bears' House" in Fanta Wild Dreamland is loved by families with kids. And the New Year Celebration activities in Huangdi Romance Park attracted a large amount of tourists to appreciate the folklore, shop at the fair and watch the song and dance performance "Huangdi Romance". Zhengzhou East Station and Henan Museum because of their appearance in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and Henan TV Spring Festival Gala have become the popular scenic spot. Citizens love walking in the night, visiting the park and enjoy shopping in the city during the festival.

Taking Measures to Ensure Safety and Security

During the Spring Festival holiday, Zhengzhou's government departments related to culture and tourism have strictly implemented the 24-hour accident reporting system with leaders in charge, timely releasing various cultural and tourism services information. The supervisory groups supervised the situation of epidemic prevention and control, market order, etc. in their own districts. Public security, traffic, fire, health, market supervision and other related departments have carried out solid holiday market safety inspection to ensure people have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival. Comprehensive Enforcement Group in Zhengzhou Culture Market have strengthened the market inspection and supervision. All together 430 law enforcement officers took inspection tasks; law enforcement vehicles have been sent for 696 times; and 343 cultural tourism business premises have been inspected, among which 20 have been ordered to take immediate corrective actions to rectify problems found in the inspections. The tourism market in Zhengzhou is in good order without major tourism complaints and tourism safety accidents.

Civilized Image Shown in Tourism

To ensure the safe operation and epidemic prevention and control in scenic spots and public cultural service venues, the civilization offices and cultural tourism departments in the city and all local counties vigorously advocate civilized behaviors in tourism. The cultural tourism enterprises launched all kinds of tourism activities and volunteer public service activities according to their own features to create a civilized environment for tourism. The relevant grass-roots CPC branches of the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau organized party volunteers to carry out volunteer service such as entry code registration, order maintenance, convenient services supply, traffic guidance, environment protection, introduction of scenic spots, civilized persuasion and distribution of civilized tourism publicity materials at the entrances of scenic spots and cultural venues, parking lots, volunteer service stations and other places with many visitors. The tourist attractions, travel agencies and hotels have promote civilized behaviors in tourism and enhance the awareness through electronic screens, bulletin boards, banners, etc.

Travel in Near Suburbs: Popular Choice in the Tourism Market in Spring Festival

During the Spring Festival holiday, the weather was generally good with suitable temperature, and tourists were willing to travel with a preference to travel in the near suburbs. With the national proposal of "Spending New Year Where You Are to Prevent COVID-19", tourists to Zhengzhou were mainly from the local and neighboring cities. According to a sample survey of tourists on the Spring Festival holiday, 90.8% of the tourists came from Henan province where Zhengzhou was located while 64.4% tourists were Zhengzhou citizens. Self-driving tour became the main travel choice, accounting for 72.6%. And people preferred travelling with family, friends or lovers.  According to the research data, 75.3% of tourists c hose to travel by themselves or with friends or relatives.

As for the age pyramids of tourists, the majority of tourists on spring holidays were young and middle-aged people. Tourists aged 25 to 34, account for 41.3%, the highest proportion, followed by tourists aged 35 to 44 accounting for 32.2% and tourists aged 15 to 24 accounting for 13.5%.

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