Echoing Yellow River Culture by the Yellow River

The publicity campaign titled "Explore the Yellow River Civilization on a Cultural Journey to Scenic Madu Village," initiated by the Jinshui District People's Government and the Jinshui District Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports and organized by Jinshui District's Xingda Road Sub-district Office, was held in the Madu Village Central Cultural Square on the bank of the Yellow River on the afternoon of August 14.

Advancing and enriching Yellow River culture is not only an important way to improve the quality of life of the residents in villages along the Yellow River, but also a representation of their aspiration for a better life in the new era, as well as their common mission and undertaking. The live show kicked off with the grand poem recitation "Yellow River." A wide array of performances such as the ballet "My Motherland and Me," the ballad-singing opera "Coupling of Wind and Snow," and the musical instrument ensemble "Glowing Red Lilies" were greeted with a ripple of applause from the audience. Paper-cutting, shadow play, sugar painting and other intangible cultural heritage on display reduced the distance between China's excellent traditional culture and the masses.

The event "Spring Rain in Green City" arranged in the intervals sowed new seeds of civilization. Volunteers distributed brochures including "Zhengzhou Citizens' Civilization Convention," "Civilized Tourism," and "Beautiful Jinshui" and related manuals on tourism laws and regulations to urge the audience to exercise self-discipline, abide by social ethics, ensure good manners and safety in travel, take good care of the environment, and strive to be communicators of civilization.

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