Zhengzhou Tourism Association's Proposal to "Resolutely Avoid Food Waste"

Member organizations and travel-related enterprises:

General Secretary Xi Jinping issued the important directive that "we must resolutely avoid food waste and practice frugality." In keeping with the spirit of this directive, we strongly advocate a frugal, civilized, and healthy lifestyle and consumption pattern, stand up against waste, and join hands in introducing a new practice: a civilized, healthy model of consumption. Zhengzhou Tourism Association hereby calls on all its member organizations and travel-related enterprises to get involved in the following initiative:

Ramp up publicity and guidance. All branches should give full play to the role of the industry itself, ramp up the publicity about "practicing frugality and avoiding waste" in the industry, and act accordingly. Member organizations and travel-related enterprises are urged to join in the action of "practicing frugality and avoiding waste" and step up the "publicity campaign against waste." Tourism facilities that receive tour groups, such as scenic spots, tourism hotels, and research-study bases (camps), should publicize the idea of "Virtue is derived from accumulative diligence" through electronic screens and posters in public spaces, or give tips such as "Save food, avoid waste" and "Order food in the right amount, take the leftover home." Tour guides should get actively involved in publicity campaigns aimed at instilling the good social moral of "practicing frugality and avoiding waste" into the general public, and guide consumers to the concept of "frugality." The cultural and creative industry in the tourism sector should actively practice the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, encourage the rational placement of food orders through the cultural and creative design of products, and help consumers develop the good habit of upholding and practicing economy.

Lead by example to raise public awareness. All member organizations and travel-related enterprises should take the lead in "practicing frugality and avoiding waste." They must lead by example, nurture and continuously heighten their employees' awareness of frugality, and actively learn, draw on and promote "operable, effective, and welcome" waste-reducing measures to avoid all forms of waste. Tourist hotels and travel agencies should strengthen customer communication before banquets and group meals, scientifically design the group meal menu, and rationally adjust the amount of meals and portions. Tourist hotels should push customer-friendly service items like "half-full dishes," "assorted dishes" and "small dishes" to meet the diversified needs of consumers while ensuring economy.

Dine rationally and frugally. Member organizations and travel-related enterprises must play a positive role, mount the "Clear Your Plate Campaign," vigorously promote separate meals, and create a civilized dinning setting. They ought to actively encourage consumers to spend rationally, foster their awareness and habit of frugality, advocate civilized dining table manners, remind them to order food in the right amounts, and encourage and request them to pack up leftovers and desserts. This way, we can put an end to the "waste of food" and make "cherishing food, eradicating waste" and "ordering food in the right amount and taking the leftover home" a conscious behaviors among consumers.

Exercise self-discipline and be law-abiding in operations. All member organizations and travel-related enterprises need to change their thinking, hold onto correct values, uphold the spirit of frugality, practice rational consumption, heighten the awareness of frugality, be honest and trustworthy, amply fulfill social responsibilities, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, exercise industry self-discipline, and establish a long-term austerity mechanism.

As an ancient saying goes, "Meals are hard to come by, and the making of clothes requires hard manual toil." Frugality is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Let's start with practical actions today, foster the awareness of frugality, obey the spirit of thrift, adequately fulfill our social responsibilities, resolutely reject the waste of food, and form the good habit of dining in a civilized manner, opposing waste and taking pride in thrift and create a corresponding environment.



Aug. 18, 2020

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration