Expectation | Three "new landmarks" in Zhengzhou to appear. Where are they?

On April 30, the new Zhengzhou Museum, with the largest single building area in China, is about to have an opening ceremony. It will be the first unveiled one among Zhengzhou's three newly-built landmarks in 2021. The three new landmarks are three museums that everyone has been looking forward to, namely, the new Zhengzhou Museum, the Shang Capital Site Museum and the new Henan Science and Technology Museum. Where are the three wonderful new museums? When will they open to the public? Let's take a look!


The largest single building area in China

The New Zhengzhou Museum

The new Zhengzhou Museum has a total construction area of more than 140,000 square meters with the largest single building area in China. It is divided into two underground floors and three aboveground floors, covering various functional areas such as the academic lecture hall, the intangible cultural heritage exhibition area, the 4D cinema, and the audience interactive experience space.

On April 30, as a museum with the largest single building area in China, it will hold an opening ceremony. In addition to the "Yellow River Treasures - Exhibition of Cultural Relics in Nine Provinces along the Yellow River", it will open 15 exhibitions simultaneously, including the basic exhibitions such as the Royal Capital and the Center of Heaven and Earth, as well as special exhibitions such as the Wonderful Artistic Scenery and the Artistic Charm of Bricks in Han Dynasty.


An Important Witness of Urban Civilization

Shang Capital Site Museum

Since the planning of Zhengzhou Shang Capital Site Museum, people have looked forward to what kind of appearance it will be?

This January, the leader of Shang Capital Site Museum project of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau, said, "the main building of the museum has been completed and we are now preparing for exhibition arrangement. At present, we are mainly busy with work, including internal decoration, security, office equipment installation, etc."

The total exhibition area of Shang Capital Site Museum is about 5,500 square meters, including the lobby, 4 basic exhibition halls, special exhibition halls and temporary exhibition halls. Among them, the second and third floors above the ground include exhibition halls, laboratories and restoration offices of cultural relics. There are two floors underground, mainly including warehouses of cultural relics and equipment rooms. These spaces can provide good places for exhibition, protection, restoration and research of cultural relics.

Shang Capital Site Museum is an important witness to the continuous urban civilization in the past 3,600 years in Zhengzhou. It is expected to open to visitors in the second half of this year. Let's get ready.


Highlighting the innovation spirit in the Central Plains

The New Henan Science and Technology Museum

The new Henan Science and Technology Museum is located beside Xianghu Lake, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City. It is the public welfare investment project with the largest scale and the highest investment in Henan Province, as well as the largest sci-tech museum under construction in China, ranking at the forefront in the global sci-tech museums. After the completion of the new site, its scale will be only second to the Guangdong Science Center, the world's largest sci-tech museum.

The new site is located in the north of Jinshui Avenue, east of Jinxiu Road and west of Xianghu Lake, with a planned area of 134.4 mu, a building area of 81.68 mu and a total height of 43.85 m. The main part of the project has been completed and it is reported that the new site is expected to open to the public at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

The design inspiration of the new site comes from the profound culture of Central Plains and the ancient scientific and technological civilization. The design creativity comes from the image of Culture in Heluo Area.

From the perspective of appearance, the curve shape and the change of the strength of the new site seem like an engine's propeller and a flying bird. It has a strong sense of science and technology which implies the prosperity of Henan and the rise of the Central Plain.


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