Hundred-episode Promotional Video: The Source of Hundred Family Surnames

It is children’s practices in telling stories of the hundred family surnames and reproducing China’s history of millenniums. On April 6, the starting ceremony of The Source of Hundred Family Surnames, a themed promotional video created by Publicity Department of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, was held at Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park. The participants include Shi Dadong, Deputy Director-general of Publicity Department of the CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee and Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhengzhou Media Group, Qu Penghui, Director of Communication Office of CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, Du Changtao, Vice Director of Zhengzhou Media Group, Li Hongyan, Chief Librarian of Zhengzhou Library, Hua Chong, Chief Director of Zhengzhou Music Radio, Du Mengyou, Director of Industrial Development Department of China Henan TV Official Channel, Zhang Qing, Chief Director of The Source of Hundred Family Surnames, Zhang Jian, the founder of Lingpao Media, Zhou Weiwei, Director of the Preparatory Office of Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park, etc.

On this ceremony, Zhou Weiwei delivered the welcome speech, and 108 Chinese juveniles sang the song of the Descendants of the Dragon (metaphor for the Chinese nation). Moreover, children in Han Chinese clothing recited the Family Instructions of Chinese People, and the Chief Director of The Source of Hundred Family Surnames gave an introduction of the promotional video. At last, the present guests presented the flags of “Forests of Family Surnames”, “Running Group of Family Surnames”, and “Class of Chinese Ancient Civilization · Story-telling Session at Weekends” to the volunteers involved in popularizing family-surname-related cultures.

The time-honored Chinese civilization is the cradle for the hundred family surnames. The promotional video aims to promote the culture of the family surnames, explain the spiritual connotation of Zhengzhou as the “source of culture, capital of family surnames”, and let more people understand the culture behind the family surnames and inherit the brilliant civilization of China. The Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park takes “guide green development and inherit Chinese civilization” as the theme and highlights the characteristics of “People Expo, Culture Expo, Sponge Expo, and Wisdom Expo”. The Xuanyuan Pavilion, Huaxia Pavilion, Children’s Park, Yuyuan Park, People’s Academy, Tongxin Lake, Jiuzhou Bridge, and 94 themed city parks have gathered the artistic essence of national and international parks. They also serve as the carriers of the histories and cultures of different regions, telling cultural stories that have been passed on for thousands of years. Echoing well with the culture connotation of The Source of Hundred Family Surnames, these sites are ideal for shooting films about cultural inheritance.

This promotional video series has 108 episodes in total, and 108 juveniles will tell stories behind the 108 family surnames. In addition, the video will also elucidate the surnames by analyzing the related characters and introducing the changes of the surnames. All these stories will be told in a brand-new and through unique perspectives and clever creating techniques. The promotional series will start shooting at many sites of the Zhengzhou Garden Expo Park from the day of the starting ceremony, and it is scheduled to be played online on June 1.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration