After the storm, let's meet in Mount Songshan with a smile

After the Storm expresses everyone's hope to meet with a smile after the storm, hoping to bring positive energy to society.

Hope has always been in our hearts,

And the spring never leaves.

COVID-19, please go away soon,

We need spring and blossoms.

After the storm,

Let's meet in Sanhuangzhai village, Mount Songshan.

Going up the stairs,

We stand on top of Bawcock Slope,

And shout out:

We won!

We are all bawcocks!

After the storm, let's meet on top of Mount Songshan. It will be full of vitality in spring when trees out of the new branches grow new green leaves. Cherry blossoms, peach blossoms and rape flowers will be found all over the mountain, as white as snow, as pink as rosy clouds, and as red as fire, with butterflies fluttering between them.

Turning around, you will see a bright sky: the sun will clear the haze; the clouds will be decorated with golden beams, and the sun will shine on the Black Dragon Ridge. The dragon that went through the vicissitudes will wander around freely, reflecting its own image on the mountains and rivers. There will be no roars anymore. All these are the hopes we earned with efforts.

After the storm,

Let's meet in Shaolin Monastery,

Learn about Zen and appreciate Wushu,

Put aside all thoughts

And quietly feel the mystery of Zen.

No spring skips its turn,

And no winter lasts forever.

Our hearts are full of blessings.

Spring, spring!

Stay strong, China!

Stay Strong, Wuhan!

Fresh Air All Around by Feng Huaqin

Southern Mountain Pine by Zheng Jianxun

By Yu Huiping

The Power of Red by Bai Liangyan

By Lan Shijun

Pray by Zhang Huijuan

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration