Government Services |"First-in-Command Adopting Procedures" in Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism Increases the Efficiency of Government Services

To give full play to the leading role of party building and party leadership, timely solve difficulties and problems that enterprises and the public face while processing their matters, and create a high-quality, efficient culture, radio, television and tourism service environment, Li Fang, Director of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism and Secretary of the Leading Party Members Group of the bureau, met face-to-face with people in the office hall on the second floor of the Zhengzhou Municipal Government Service Center on the afternoon of September 28, chatting with them at the consultation desk and service window as an ordinary staff member and experiencing the services on the spot.

In the form of "accompanied service delivery", Li Fang first looked carefully at the documents, operation processes and processing time limit required for each approval as a service commissioner, and conducted in-depth exchanges with enterprises and the staff to experience the whole review and approval process.

"To improve government services and provide better services for people, the staff must put themselves in the shoes of enterprises and people who request to have their matters handled and take the initiative to provide good services." Li Fang mentioned this key issue many times while experiencing the whole process. Working as an ordinary tour guide, she also experienced the whole administrative review and approval process of processing applications for electronic tour guide cards in a "hands-on" manner, communicated with the staff about the "four reductions and one preferential" convenience services, and set out requirements for remedying the shortcomings found in the process.

After completing all the processes, Li Fang exchanged views with the staff on how to optimize the work processes, improve work efficiency and improve the service level based on the requirements laid down at the working conferences of the provincial party committee and the municipal party committee, the integration of culture and tourism, and the improvement of public services.

When talking about how to explore ways to simplify procedures and optimize process plans, she said that the administrative review and approval work of Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism should aim at "facilitating the masses, enterprises, and development", focus on complex links in the process of acceptance, review, and completion, explore ways to simplify procedures and optimize process plans, further shorten the time limit for review and approval, and make full use of public platforms such as "Zhengzhou Convenient Services" and "Culture and Tourism Cloud" to widely inform the masses and enhance work efficiency.

"The staff should act first, improve their basic business ability and coordination and disposal ability, actively interpret relevant policies on key issues in the review and approval process, shorten the distance between government services and people, and build up trust and satisfaction in government work." Li Fang also said that the bureau will establish a long-term management mechanism, do a good job in departmental coordination, further facilitate enterprises and citizens to handle related businesses, regularly summarize the handling of matters, comprehensively sort out, analyze and summarize the handling of matters, detect possible problems with approval in advance, formulate a work plan in time, and continuously optimize government services and improve service efficiency through mechanisms such as beforehand prediction and effectiveness tracking.

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