Intangible Cultural Heritage | Festive Intangible Cultural Heritage, Scissor-cut can imitate everything, Spring Festival Couplets have a long history!

The Chinese nation has created a lot of colorful cultural heritage during its long history. Those "intangible cultural heritage" survive time and records the change of Spring Culture Festival. Generations of Chinese feel the festive atmosphere from them.

"Festive Intangible Cultural Heritage", one part of the theme lectures of intangible cultural heritage from Tianzhong Rostrum, was broadcasted in the Zhengzhou Library. In this lecture, we invited three lecturers to tell the story of intangible cultural heritage and the Spring Festival Customs. They also showed the excellent folk culture in forms of scissor-cut cow and Spring Festival Couplets. In this way our audience would have a cultural and lucky Spring Festival.

At first, Zhao Xia, the successor of intangible cultural heritage (scissor cut) told the audience the custom of window scissor-cut and its meaning. She made one in the lecture to wish everyone a happy new year.

Then, Lian Delin, successor of the intangible cultural scissor-cut in Henan province, told the audience the scissor-cut custom in Zhengzhou. He wished our country a flourishing new year with two scissor-cuts of "Spring" and "Luck".

Li Zhenyu, Senior lecturer of calligraphy, told us the funny stories of Spring Festival couplets and tips of calligraphy. This lecture ended with his calligraphy of "Have a lucky, warm and rich new year. Everyone will be happy and healthy. Happy New Year!"

The lecture "Festive Intangible cultural heritage", one part of the theme lectures of intangible cultural heritage, enriched citizens' activities during the Spring Festival, taught them festival customs and intangible cultural heritage, and disseminated the excellent Chinese Culture.

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