News — Cultural and Tourism Industry in Zhengzhou: Meeting you in [Zhengzhou], [Henan] in Spring

When the epidemic goes and spring comes, singing birds and fragrant flowers have appeared everywhere

Here is Zhengzhou, a Kung Fu Town in Central China is joining hands with the Cultural and Tourism Industry in Zhengzhou

And invite you to expect the journey to "Reunite with the World"

We will stand together with you in [Henan]

The cradle of China and a thoroughfare of ten provinces

Recall the past of the Yellow River civilization by worshiping ancestors

Visit the Shaolin Temple after climbing Mount Song

Meet in the Confucian holy land through visiting gardens


A city where everyone likes to speak the word "Zhong"

It stands on the ancient site of Xia and Shang Dynasties

[Zhengzhou] is expecting your arrival

Order a plate of stewed noodles to provoke your appetite

Listen to Henan opera to enjoy its unique beauty

Look at the whole city's Chinese roses in full swing

Hear the story about the old town while walking under the French plane trees

Go on the first journey to reunite with the world

We invite you to Henan, our hometown

In a bid to tell you the 5,000-year-old splendid civilization of the Central Plains

And the story of [Zhengzhou]

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