On “Tianzhong Forum: Where Are You From? Yangshao”, Wei Xingtao Tells the Yangshao Civilization Chapter of “Yellow River Stories”

Bordering eastern Henan, Qinggan, Jianghan, and Hetao-Inner Mongolia-The Great Wall belt, the vast geographical scope was covered by the footsteps of Yangshao ancestors.

On the banks of the Yellow River, Yangshao culture originated, flourished and continued in western Henan, southern Shanxi and eastern Shaanxi in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, leaving a bright pearl of prehistoric culture.

The “Yangshao Culture and Early Civilization of the Yellow River” special lecture, part of Tianzhong Forum: Ancient Chinese Civilization, was given on the afternoon of November 24 in Zhengzhou Library. The lecturer Wei Xingtao, Deputy Director of Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology, led more than 100,000 audience online and offline to touch Yangshao culture that lasted for more than 2,000 years.

Mr. Yan Tiecheng, a famous cultural scholar, presided over the lecture.

Based on the archaeological data, he expounded the relationship between Yangshao culture and the prehistoric civilization of the Yellow River in five parts, starting from study on the origin of early Chinese civilization.


A brief description of study on the origin of early Chinese civilization and Yangshao culture;


The important position of Yangshao culture, and the close relationship between Yangshao culture and Yellow Emperor and Chinese nation from eight aspects;


The achievements in the middle of Yangshao period in the Henan-Shanxi-Shaanxi border area from the macro perspective;


The achievements in the middle of Yangshao period in Zhengzhou and Heluo, particularly Dahecun, Xishan, Qingtai and Gongyi Shuanghuaishu sites in Zhengzhou, as well as “Heluo Ancient State” about 5,300 years ago.


Suggestions on the present situation and future of Yangshao culture research and how to tell the Yangshao civilization chapter of “Yellow River Stories”.

The audience asked whether brick-tile structure ruins have been discovered in the excavation of Yangshao sites; how the ecological environment of the Yellow River basin affected the development of Yangshao culture; the Yangshao culture found in the border area of Henan, Shanxi and Shaanxi centred by Sanmenxia was in what stage of social development; whether there were signs of “state”. Mr. Wei answered the questions with archaeological substantial evidence and forward-looking academic vision.

This lecture was the 24th lecture of Tianzhong Forum: Ancient Chinese Civilization. Tianzhong Forum will continue to uphold the purpose of spreading history and culture and serving the public, and provide more and more wonderful academic feasts to enthusiastic audience.



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