The hit of Our Times: Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty, the persistence of literary and artistic workers

Speaking of the shooting of the Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty, an episode of the TV drama Our Times, Sun Shujie, the president of Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater, said with deep emotion that it is the actors' duty to express beautiful and professional performance as well as the love for art to audience through the screen.

"Stories of Actors"

The dance program Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty performed by Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater suddenly went viral after the 2021 Spring Festival Gala of Henan TV and was again presented as a TV series this year.

As one episode of the TV series Our Times, Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty not only told the rehearsing stories of the homonymic dance program but also focused on portraying dancers.

Ren Baoru and Gao Xuan, the scriptwriters of Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty, mentioned in the interview that they concerned about the cultural significance inherited in the show and involved literary and artistic workers, "we pursue to create a story that elaborates on the development of a famous dance show and describes the current situation of traditional Chinese dance, reflecting the life and culture and embracing the age".

Since 2014, Zhengzhou Song and Dance Theater has taken many cultural exchange tasks and visited more than 40 countries. More and more foreigners admire and follow Chinese culture, enhancing cultural confidence and providing the actors with a sense of pride.

Innovation contributes to the "popularity" of traditional culture

The episode presents the scene where the choreographer Chen Lin was inspired in the museum. Chen Ran, the character played by Bai Baihe, gazed at the Tang Dynasty musical and dance figures for a long time in the museum, and generated the idea of reproducing them on the stage. It was exactly this inspirational idea that accomplished the popularity of the dance program Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty and drew more attention to the traditional culture inherited in the dance.

Both the two versions of Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty, the TV series and dance program, can be recognized as models of traditional culture's innovative development. Palace Banquet in Tang Dynasty, as well as the stories behind it, vividly presented the image of literary and artistic workers in the new era and the innumerable great achievements of China's cultural development in the past ten years.

Our Times is a key TV drama in the program themed with "extolling the new era and striding forward on a new journey" for greeting the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It shapes the group image of people in the new era through 11 stories based on the glorious achievements of China led by the Communist Party of China during 2012-2022, and fully pictures the wonderful course where people's sense of acquisition, happiness and security is gradually enhanced since the 18th National Congress of the CPC.

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