The 2019 China (Zhengzhou) International Film Exchange Exhibition Kicks Off

The 2019 China (Zhengzhou) International Film Exchange Exhibition themed “The Chinese Sentiment in Films, and Echo of Dream along the New Silk Road” unveiled in the Jianye & H ž Brothers Movie Town, Zhongmu County on November 1. Representatives of film producers, film industry workers in Zhengzhou, and film fans from more than 20 countries witnessed the grand event. On November 3, the curtain of film projection for public benefits rose officially. The first film, The Queen of Figure Skating, won the audience applause at the Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Wanda Plaza.

The event was co-sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Film Art Center, the Publicity Department of CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, the Zhengzhou Federation of Literary and Art and the Foreign Affairs Office of CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee under the guidance of the China Film Association. It was organized by the Publicity Department of CPC Zhongmu County Committee and the Zhengzhou Film and Television Artists Association, and co-organized by Chinese Society of World Cinema and Jianye Movie Town.

Destiny and love that ties the Silk Road and central China

The melodious camel bell and the flickering white sail closely connect the countries and regions along the ancient Silk Road. Nowadays, the China (Zhengzhou) International Film Exchange Exhibition, in the name of films and with the power of light and shadow, has promoted the spiritual communication and cultural integration of filmmakers and artists of the countries along the Belt and Road. The event themed “The Chinese Sentiment in Films, and Echo of Dream along the New Silk Road” has been held for three times since its inception in 2017. Excellent films and filmmakers from Russia, Poland, India, Iran, Australia, Belarus, Mexico and other countries along the Belt and Road came to central China where Zhengzhou is seated to write a new chapter for civilized exchange and mutual understanding under the wall of the ancient Shang Dynasty at the coast of Yellow River.

Zhengzhou is an important node city for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the birthplace of the Chinese civilization. In recent years, Zhengzhou has fully participated in the building of the BRI and made efforts to build the four silk roads of “air, land, internet and sea”, connecting Europe to Asia, radiating the world, and embarking on a road of high quality development in inland areas. The China (Zhengzhou) International Film Exchange Exhibition will enhance its “soft power” and contribute to the rise of central China. Zhengzhou will also use this exhibition as a platform to deeply explore the rich cultural heritage of central China, enlighten ideas, collect wisdom, deepen cooperation, promote a win-win situation, jointly create a cultural silk road, and write a glorious chapter of the prosperity and development of the film industry of the countries along the Silk Road.

People-to-people ties in the blending of light and shadow

The year 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Russia. China and Russia are both important countries along the BRI routes. The two countries have maintained a long-standing friendship and cultural exchanges, and have an important impact on the film industry development of each other. Themed on “The 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Ties between China and Russia”, this year’s film exhibition invited film producers of Russian classic films such as The Queen of Figure Skating, Anna’s War, One Mission, Light Up, Factory and Core of the World to, with the film as a tie, further strengthen the communication between the Chinese and Russian people, and continues to consolidate the interaction and exchanges between Chinese and Russian filmmakers. At the opening ceremony, local filmmakers conducted in-depth discussions on the film creation, the development of the film industry and the prospects of international exchanges and cooperation with guests, having ignited sparks of thought and collected wisdom and strength for the development of the film industry of countries along the BRI. .

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Historical Records

The relation between countries lies in the connection of the people, and the connection of the people lies in the communication of mind. The films, as an important carrier of people-to-people exchanges and cooperation, are an important bridge to promote the communication between the people of different countries. The 2019 China (Zhengzhou) International Film Exchange Exhibition not only creates a light and shadow feast for filmmakers and common people, but also serves as a window to invite foreign friends to feel, absorb and blend in the cultural atmosphere of central China, thus making films a cultural tie that promotes the spread of Chinese and foreign civilizations, strengthens the friendship of each other, and realizes the beautiful vision of mutual cooperation, joint development and sharing.

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Art is out of boundary. Films use the art of light and shadow to awaken the most sincere emotions of the audience, and to satisfy people’s yearning for a better life and respect for the precious life. The film exhibition will play the world’s outstanding films in Zhengzhou Wanda Cinemas for the film fans in Zhengzhou, which will expand their international horizons and deepen the friendship between China and Russia.

Five outstanding Russian films will be shown in Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Wanda Plaza for public benefits. In order to allow film fans feel the charm of the oriental culture while appreciating the exotic culture, the film exhibition will also show excellent domestic films such as My People, My Country, The Captain and The Climbers. Now, get your free ticket on hotline 0371-66183378.

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