The Flood Is Cold But the Cultural Tourism Is Warm

Affected by the strong convective weather of Typhoon In-Fa, Zhengzhou ushered in a record-breaking rainstorm, as if it had pressed the pause button for the bustling Zhengzhou in the ordinary days.

The Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Branch of Zhengzhou Municipal Culture Market constantly maintains the prosperous and orderly operation of the cultural tourism market with strict legal documents and industry norms. In the baptism and test of the heavy rain, the managers of the cultural tourism industry quickly shifted the focus to emergency rescue and disaster relief.

On the afternoon of July 20, the heavy rain suddenly arrived, the Party Committee of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Branch of Zhengzhou Municipal Culture Market urgently held a flood control emergency work conference and immediately set up a flood control emergency headquarter of the branch, under the general command of the Secretary of the Party Committee and the leader of the branch. And seven emergency rescue teams were set up. It was suggested that, first, all efforts should be made to inspect the disaster situation of the operating companies, the current security situation of the premises and the stranded people. Second, the middle-level managers of each section should immediately report the personal safety and location of law enforcement team members of each institution, "No one can be less". Third, personnel with first-aid experience of should be organized to form a flood control team, which will uniformly depart to the most difficult place according to the command of the municipal party committee and the municipal government.

Personnel are power, and a safety guarantee work starts. Nine administrative districts and 106 offices subcontracted by 7 rescue teams, totaling more than 3,000 cultural premises, were deeply concerned by the headquarter.

After 48 thrilling hours, the rain in Zhengzhou finally converged on July 22. In view of the fact that some people do not have water and electricity in their homes, the flood control headquarter of the branch launched cultural tourism enterprises to provide assistance to the affected people within their abilities.

In addition to launching premises to provide assistance to society, the branch has also emerged a group of people and individuals who are at the front line of flood control.

This time, the government paid high attention to the flood control and rescue work. Under the timely deployment and guidance of the government, all party members and leading cadres of the detachment gave full play to the exemplary leadership, arranged rescue carefully, and fought against the natural disaster based on the local conditions.

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