Wild Goose Island Happy Valley Opens: Bring You Incredibly Great Fun

Weekends are times for play and fun!

Here’s the introduction of the most interesting scenic spot in Zhengzhou: Wild Goose Island Happy Valley, which has been opened since now.

Project 1: Horse Riding

Horse riding is a fashion sport, and you may feel romantic and relaxed to ride a horse on green grasslands after getting rid of a tight fast-paced city life.

Project 2: Arrow Shooting

For many people, arrow shooting may be fresh and interesting, and you may feel like a warrior when drawing a bow. To be a sharpshooter and cultivate heroic spirit, please come and practice arrow shooting on Wild Goose Island. 

Project 3: Kart Racing

Both boys and girls are growing up with an automobile race dream, which can be seen from the movies and cartoons of Let's & Go, Initial D and The Fast and The Furious or from the assembled models of Auldey to the car we have owned. We would never miss the chance to hold the steering wheel. Then, come to the Kart Racing Park in the Happy Valley and play a real show of “the fast and the furious” with your friends.

After the exciting games introduced above, you could take a bath in hot spring and try delicious farm dishes in the scenic area.

Consultation: 0371-56529966 or 0371-56529988

Address: the south of Xiaodian Village, Yanminghu Town, Zhongmou County, Zhengzhou City.



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