Zhengzhou Airport Serves 600,000 Passengers

As it was learned from Henan Airport Group yesterday, during the 8-day holiday, Zhengzhou Airport offered an average of 590 flights per day and handled a total of 600,000 passengers, reaching a new record high.

Zhengzhou Airport’s flight frequencies have been remarkably increased since September 30, and there were 611 flights on that day. During the holiday, there were several days on which the number of flight services offered by the airport reached over 600, and the airport saw an average of 590 flights and handled more than 70,000 passengers per day. It has served 600,000 passengers in total, setting a new record.

According to ticketing statistics, as the Golden Week coincided with the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, many people chose to travel with their family to popular tourist destinations in south China such as Kunming, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Sanya. During the holiday, it was a little hard to get flight tickets from Zhengzhou to Urumqi and other cities in northwest China.

After the holiday, the increasing adverse weather conditions such as fog and rain will affect the airport’s flight service to varying degrees. If you intend to travel recently, you can call the airport’s inquiry hotline at 0371-96666 for help.

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