Spring hits Kang Bai-wan’s Mansions

It seems that spring has come overnight.

But when do you start feeling it?

As I see willows start to sprout, peach trees bloom, and grass cannot resist cropping up from the ground,

As I see a swallow returns to its nest under the eaves of my old house, and the air is filled with some smell of flowers,

As I feel raindrops become warmer and see your smile at me,

Then I know spring has already come.

Spring will be wonderful if I have you by my side.

One flower can finally blossom into a sea of flowers, bringing us away from this mortal life.

"If I have a god-given chance, I will surely live up your expectations without wasting my time."

Slowly walking on the secluded path to the heart of the old mansion,

You can enjoy the beautiful spring scenery with the blowing wind caressing your face.

There is a song singing like this: No cross, no crown.

So, just as we expect a rainbow after the rain,

We also look to the ending of the epidemic.

And at that time, we can enjoy the beautiful spring scenery together.

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration