Zhengzhou Issues a Proposal on Safe and Low-carbon Tomb Sweeping

Dear citizens,

The epidemic spread chain of a tour group to Northwest China has impacted 13 provinces, districts and cities, complicating the epidemic prevention and control. The yearly traditional tomb-sweeping festival, Winter Clothes Day (the first day of Lunar October and November 5, 2021), will come soon. Under the regular epidemic prevention and control, the municipal civil affairs bureau and office of the steering committee on building spiritual civilization issue the following proposal to citizens.

I. Implement institutional requirements and ensure tomb-sweeping safety. Citizens should strictly implement regular epidemic prevention and control requirements, abide by funeral service providers’ regulations of human traffic limitation, reservation and staggered visiting and fire prevention regulations and coordinate with tomb operators on forest fire prevention.

II. Transform social traditions and foster new customs. Citizens should carry forward traditional virtues of filial piety, diligence and thrift. Cemeteries, memorial parks and columbaria around Zhengzhou should offer personalized services, such as online sacrifice and tomb sweeping services, to meet citizens’ needs.

III. Conduct low-carbon tomb sweeping and protect the environment. Citizens should uphold green development philosophies, enhance their environmental awareness and obey social morals.

IV. Emphasize demonstration and guidance and play a leading role. Party members and cadres should play exemplary and vanguard roles, promote the funeral reform, lead the thrifty funeral arrangement and low-carbon tomb sweeping, actively offer volunteer services and stop uncivilized tomb-sweeping behaviors.

Every citizen is responsible for transforming social traditions and fostering new funeral customs. Let’s contribute to the construction of beautiful Zhengzhou and charming central plains.


Zhengzhou Civil Affairs Bureau

Office of Guidance Commission on Building Spiritual Civilization of Zhengzhou

October 28, 2021

Copyright by Zhengzhou Municipal Tourism Administration