Zhongyue Temple Fair at Dengfeng City, Come and Play!

From the 5th day to the 15th day of the 10th lunar month every year, the biggest and most popular Temple Fair of Zhongyue Temple is celebrated. This year, it will last for 11 days from November 12 to 22. Call on your friends and come here to pray, watch performances, and taste food!

Various stalls stand around the Zhongyue Temple Square and Yaocan Pavilion at the first courtyard. Fried Bean Jelly on Iron Plate, Kebab, Baked Sesame-Seed Cake with Meat Stuffing, Soup Dumpling...A variety of gourmet aromas tease the taste buds of tourists and invite them to taste. A large number of products such as Crown of the Monkey King, Hand Wooden Drum, Knead Sugar-Coated Figurine, Bottle Gourds attract a large number of children to buy.

Zhongyue Temple, located under Huanggai Peak, which is at the southeastern piedmont of Taishi Mountain, is 4 kilometers east of Dengfeng City. The traditional Zhongyue Autumn Temple Fair is held at the 10th lunar month every year; and the maximum number of tourists received per day is a few hundred thousand. Zhongyue Temple Fair originates from the sacrifices of the ancient rulers to the mountains. The Temple Fair entered the golden age in Song dynasty for the unification of Politics and Taoism during this period. Zhongyue Temple is not only a place to worship the God of Zhongyue, but also an important Taoist temple. It is originally designed to worship the God of Zhongyue. As a time-honored folk cultural activity within the area of Songshan Mountain, the Zhongyue Temple Fair has a history of more than a thousand years. The ancient customs such as Pray for Having a Baby, Adopt the Iron Man as the Godather, and Touch the Iron Man have also been passed down.

Pray for Having a Baby, also known as Rob a Baby, is a traditional birth customs within the area of Songshan Mountain. Every year at the Temple Fair, local residents will buy a pair of clay dolls with the good meaning of blessing and praying for children, and take them home.

Adopt the Iron Man as the Godather: Legend has it that if a padlocking ceremony is held in front of the Iron Man on the east side of the Chongsheng Gate in Zhongyue Temple on the one-year-old birthday of a child, the child will be protected by the Iron Man and grow up safely and healthily.

Touch the Iron Man: It is said that as long as you touch the part of the iron man which is the painful part of your body, the pain will be alleviated or even healed.

Folklore performances such as lion dances, land boat dances, walking on stilts, fire dragon dances will be taken in turn to reshape the prosperous scenery of Zhongyue Temple in Tang and Song dynasties.

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