Grand Opening of Mid-Autumn Cultural Festival in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden to Be Held on September 13

The Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese festival falls on September 13, 2019.. “Our Festival — China (Zhengzhou) Mid-Autumn Cultural Festival 2019”, under the themes of Inheriting Traditional Chinese Culture, Celebrating for Harvest and Reunion, and Celebrating the 70th Birthday of the People’s Republic of China, will be held from September 13 to 15 in Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden. During the festival, various cultural activities will be presented.

In order to embrace the Mid-Autumn Festival, Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden has already made thoughtful preparation for holding exhibitions. The garden the year will take the traditional culture as a carrier together with elements of modern technology, fashion and creativity to showcase a Mid-Autumn Festival that is full of vitality!

Many wonderful activities will be put on show during the festival, such as the Moon Worship Ceremony, Henan Fine Folk Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Consummate Folk Crafts Performance, Henan Time-honored Brands Exhibition, Zhongyuan Tributes Exhibition, Tree-root Carvings Exhibition, Wang Zhonglin Woodcuts Exhibition and Clay Sculpture Exhibition. There are dozens of folk crafts such as clay sculptures, sugar art, New Year wood-block print, etc.; the garden is filled with the fragrance of sesame crackers, almond tea and other specialties provided by some time-honored brands in the Zhongyuan region; various folk arts and crafts exhibitions will present visitors with the cultural meaning of the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival in the most traditional way.

Meanwhile, at the night of Mid-Autumn Festival this year (August 15 of the Lunar Calendar), the Moon Worship Ceremony will be held under the moon, in which the ancient ritual is combined with modern technology. Through the rhythmic reciting of poetry, graceful ancient music performance, exciting traditional acrobatics and the passionate drums playing, people will celebrate the harvest and union on the Mid-Autumn Festival and pray for good weather for the crops and long-term harmony.

At the time when people celebrate for the full moon and the family reunion,  more interesting activities are waiting for you in the Zhengzhou Green Expo Garden!

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