Enjoy the Tour to the Chinese Jujube Village! 2021 Chinese Jujube Village Tour and the 19th Haoxiangni Chinese Jujube Culture Festival

With the theme of "A bumper harvest in Henan, the hometown to all Chinese people", the 2021 Chinese jujube village tour and the opening ceremony of the 19th Haoxiangni Chinese Jujube Culture Festival were held in Xinzheng.

The event was supported by Henan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, hosted by Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism and Xinzheng Municipal People's government, and organized by Xinzheng Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism & Sports, Xinzheng Xuedian Town People's government, Xinzheng Mengzhuang Town People's government, and Haoxiangni Health Food Co., Ltd.

The opening ceremony of this year’s Chinese Jujube Village Tour took place both online and offline, and the whole process was broadcast live on the Internet. The host invited Liu Jin, who often played Premier Zhou Enlai in films and television dramas, to conduct an interview around the "Yan'an Jujube Garden" that appeared in many films and television dramas; the lovely children recited the jujube culture theme poem The Sense of Preserving the Cultural Heritage and Vitality of Chinese Jujube Culture; Haoxiangni released the national standard for Z. jujube Mill to the public; the "Chinese Jujube Garden in the New Era" party-building hall built by a private company was officially opened. The opening tour vividly showed the colorful jujube culture and the online and offline audience were both immersed in the joy of the harvest.

On the day of the event, Haoxiangni Industrial Park, Haoxiangni Chinese Jujube Town, and Haoxiangni Jinlu Ostrich Park welcomed tourists from all over the country under the condition of doing a good job in the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. It is reported that the Chinese Jujube Village Tour will last for one month and will offer all tourists a happy tour during China's National Day holiday. At the Chinese Jujube Festival, citizens can have a pleasant experience and commune with Mother Nature. Come and enjoy the Chinese jujube culture.

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