Works of intangible cultural heritage inheritors in Zhongyuan District increase the confidence in fighting against COVID-19

At a time when the whole country is united in fighting against COVID-19, artists and cultural volunteers in Central China made excellent works of art to encourage the fight. At present, although the Zhongyuan District Cultural Museum is closed in the special period, representative inheritors of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) projects in the Zhongyuan District are organized to create ICH works in other forms to express their determination and confidence in overcoming the COVID-19.

"Pyrography" is a kind of folk art form that uses a soldering iron to create works on the wood or other materials. With Nanyang, Henan as the main production area, it is popular throughout the country. Its outstanding feature is the combination of material production and the creation of beauty, with practical application as the main purpose and aesthetic characteristics. Pyrography is one of the plastic arts, and also shows the exquisite skills of intangible cultural heritage inheritors. Li Yunqin, the inheritor of pyrography, created the works of "Thunder God" and "Fire God", which are lifelike, with magnificent momentum and vivid characters, showing the magnificent momentum of "A virus demon hides in the picturesque country; the epidemic is like a snake breaking out under Luojia Mountain; Zhong Nanshan leading staff to fight against it, and Thunder God and Fire God hospitals protecting the country".

Lu Feihong, the inheritor of Guqin, improvises a Guqin song South Wind Song – God bless China, which is cadenced and graceful. The energy of love is passed to the universe through the Guqin song South Wind Song. It prays for the people of China and people all around the world, and prays for the coming of the south wind. After the coming of the south wind, the climate will be warmer; the virus will have no place to hide; COVID-19 will end soon; people will gradually restore vitality, and the country will be peaceful and the people will be safe again.

Lu Ailing and Fan Jinrong also created cloth art works such as "Stay Strong Wuhan, Stay Strong China" and "Dedication", expressing their admiration and encouragement to the front-line medical workers.

COVID-19 is ruthless, but human beings are different. The intangible cultural heritage inheritors in the Zhongyuan District expressed their determination and confidence to jointly overcome COVID-19 by using their unique artistic forms, which encouraged the times and people's spirits, and also created a good publicity atmosphere and pass positive energy for the current situation of the comprehensive fight against COVID-19.

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