The Second Mountain Chrysanthemum Exhibition to Unveil on September 28

With the advent of autumn, chrysanthemum flowers are in full bloom, making Xianren Valley a riot of colors and full of refreshing fragrance.

A unique chrysanthemum-themed trip

A unique chrysanthemum-seeing trip

A unique leisure-enjoying trip

September 28, 2019

Curtain will raise for the 

Second Mountain Chrysanthemum Exhibition in Xianren Valley, Daxiong Mountains

Come and enjoy mountains, rivers and a colorful sea of flowers

---Enjoy the Mountain Chrysanthemum Exhibition---

This year’s Mountain Chrysanthemum Exhibition is the second autumn theme event held by Xianren Valley, Daxiong Mountains. By combining the characteristics of mountain valley, the scenic area will develop nine chrysanthemum theme exhibition areas including “Happy National Day”, “Guest-welcoming Fairy”, “Be a Responsible Bear”, “Reciprocal Love”, “Top of Daxiong Mountains” to re-display and re-express activities and cultural brands of mountain chrysanthemum exhibition. By then, over one hundred chrysanthemum varieties and diverse theme chrysanthemum exhibitions will be presented for visitors for free.

---Enjoy the Mountains and Rivers in Autumn---

In autumn, when you look down, a riot of colors at the Xianren Valley will come into view; when you look up, breathtaking Daxiong Mountains will strike the eyes. So come here with your family or friends to enjoy an autumnal feel in this pleasantly cool season!

---Experience Hottest Projects---

---Watch Ethnic Songs and Dances---

In this colorful season, in addition to chrysanthemum-seeing and sightseeing tours, the scenic area will also present a wonderful Yunnan ethnic performance. Those unique dances, musical instruments and stunts will certainly introduce you to different ethnic customs.

Introduction to Xianren Valley Scenic Area

Located in Xuzhuang Town, Dengfeng City, Henan Province, Xianren Valley Scenic Area is 30 kilometers away from Dengfeng, 98 kilometers away from Zhengzhou and 100 kilometers away from Luoyang. With a total area of about 36 square kilometers, the highest altitude of 1,166 meters, and a forest coverage rate of 95%, it is a comprehensive tourist attraction integrating sightseeing, drifting, outward bound and recreation.

Surrounded by lofty mountains and placid lakes, the scenic area is home to deep valleys, lush forests, raging waterfalls and bubbling springs. In particular, there are natural landscapes such as Lanyue Lake, Xianren Cave, Qingren Valley and Hongshi Village, cultural landscapes like Yuxi Revolutionary Red Culture Exhibition Hall and all kinds of entertainment projects like the longest glass bridge in Central Plains, 266-meter-long Feiyun Flyover, Colorful Dry-slip and Drifting. Hence, it enjoys a long-standing reputation as “a wonder of Mount Song”.



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