Zhengzhou Museum Named to the Chinese Museum Trending Searches List

A list of the 105 most searched museums in China for the second quarter of 2021 was released by the Chinese Museum Trending Searches. There are three museums from Henan on the list.

They are Henan Museum, Luoyang Museum and Zhengzhou Museum. Among them, Henan Museum ranks fifth in the list with an index of 4.55.

Henan Museum won a lot of attention and praise with its renovated main exhibition hall at the end of September 2020. At the end of last year, it goes viral with the launch of the “Archaeological Blind Box”. Earlier this year, it grabbed huge attention as the inspiration for the “Tang Palace Night Banquet”, and then it was listed as one of the top ten most popular scenic spots in Qingming Festival and selected as one of the “Most Innovative Museums in China” in 2021.

In recent years, Henan Museum has continued to promote and practice the innovative concepts of high-quality development, refined management and experiential services, maintaining its popularity among young fans and gradually becoming known to the public.

The new Zhengzhou Museum was officially opened on April 30, during the China (Zhengzhou) Yellow River Culture Month. This is not only a practice for Zhengzhou to implement the national strategy of the Yellow River, tell the stories of the Yellow River and enhance cultural self-confidence, but also an event that has attracted the attention of museums nationwide.

Together with the list, the “Top 10 Most Searched Museums”, “Top 10 Most Searched Nature Museums” and “Top 10 Most Searched Revolutionary Museums (Memorials)” of the second quarter were also released. Henan Museum ranked fifth of the “Top 10 Most Searched Museums” and Henan Natural History Museum ranked ninth of the “Top 10 Most Searched Nature Museums”.

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