Cultural Tourism | Zhengzhou Joins Hands with Xi'an to Promote Cultural Tourism along the Yellow River

The intangible cultural heritage (ICH) manifests profound culture; dances are charming and graceful; food is delicious and tasteful... On the afternoon of October 4, the cultural tourism event "Welcome to Chang'an, the Millennium Ancient Capital" hosted by Xi'an Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism was held in Zhengzhou, attracting numerous guests to appreciate the unique charm of the ancient capital Xi'an (known as Chang’an in ancient times).

Xi'an is a world-famous cultural city with a long history, the start of the Ancient Silk Road, and one of the significant cradles of the Chinese civilization. In recent years, Xi'an has vigorously promoted the Yellow River Spirit, attached equal importance to the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin and the development of the Yellow River-based cultural tourism, focused on producing corresponding cultural tourism products, and held the publicity activities with the theme of "Welcome to Chang'an, the Millennium Ancient Capital" to promote the city image and increase the influence of Xi'an in an all-round way. At the event, Xi'an Tourism Association and Henan Tourism Association signed the cooperation agreement, indicating both sides will work more closely to provide more benefits for their tourists.

At the promotion meeting, the paper-cutting inheritor Lv Guoling from Xi'an showed the process of making paper-cutting absorbedly. His creative combination of calligraphy with paper-cutting has made calligraphy more artistic and paper cutting more difficult.

The craftsmanship of Xun, an ancient egg-shaped, holed wind instrument and the performance of the Zhuo Qin, an ICH, have attracted many audiences. In the high-skilled Tang-style performance Dancing on the Drum at the Huaqing Palace, the performers danced gently, spinning and hopping on the drum. The performance revealed the rigid yet flexible charm of the dance, twining the dance and the music perfectly. The Rainbow and Feather Dress Dance and the Green Willow at the Tang Paradise scenic area displayed graceful ladies in the Tang Dynasty. Wonderful performances won constant praise and applause from the audience. Based on the elements and style of the feather dance in the Han Dynasty, the Qin Han Style at Lewa City was boldly innovated in combination with modern aesthetics to reappear historical dance movements, stirring the audience. Xi'an Tourism Group served various yummy food of Shaanxi, dazzling the visitors.

"The neighboring cities can join hands to make cultural tourism thriving." Relevant responsible persons from the culture and tourism departments of Xi'an and Zhengzhou said that Shaanxi and Henan have been neighbors which both located in the Yellow River Basin, and their provincial capitals Xi'an and Zhengzhou have maintained a close tie in cultural tourism exchange down the ages. Based on the promotion and publicity of cultural tourism along the Yellow River Basin, this event will further strengthen the cooperation and communication between the two famous cultural cities with a long history and advance the common development of cultural tourism in both cities.


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