The Municipal Teleconference on Epidemic Prevention and Control Convened with All-out Efforts to Resolutely Win the Battle of Epidemic Prevention and Control

Convened on the evening of November 3, the Municipal Teleconference on Epidemic Prevention and Control mobilized all citizens to realize the severeness of the situation, take quick actions, strictly carry out epidemic prevention and control, block infection sources and avoid the epidemic spread.

After the outbreak of the epidemic in Jiayu Town, Xingyang City on November 2, Zhengzhou initiated the emergency mechanism quickly. Xu Liyi, secretary of municipal Party committee, Hou Hong, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee and mayor, and other leaders went to the town overnight and initiated screening, control, and nucleic acid testing timely.

At present, the first round of nucleic acid testing has covered the epidemic area. The screening and epidemiological investigation are conducted orderly and prevention and control measures are implemented effectively.

The teleconference conveyed the provincial Party committee and government leaders’ instructions on epidemic prevention and control and listened to the report on the epidemic prevention and control in Xingyang City.

Xu Liyi indicated that high importance should be attached to the quick and strict epidemic prevention and control.

He stressed that related authorities should conduct comprehensive screening, quick epidemiological investigation and nucleic acid testing, pay attention to key areas and groups, expand the testing scope, carry out multiple rounds of testing, enhance the epidemiological investigation quality, strengthen the screening and control of positive cases and ensure the screening, control and nucleic acid testing cover every person.

They should prepare adequate quarantine rooms and form a closed loop of quarantine object transfer, checking in and disinfection.

They should intensify the social prevention and control, reinforce industry supervisors’ responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control and promote the implementation of various measures.

They should conduct public opinion guidance, release information timely and precisely, lead citizens to enhance personal protection awareness and participate in epidemic prevention and control and form a strong defense.

Mayor Hou Hong arranged and deployed the current epidemic prevention and control.

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