Zhengzhou Erqi District, Henan Province: Debut of the Red Culture Drama Under the Erqi Tower for Promoting the "Spirit of Erqi"

In order to advance the learning of Party history, inherit the red gene, and carry forward the "Spirit of Erqi" in the new era, the original drama based on red culture named Under the Erqi Tower, which is created by the Cultural Museum of Erqi District under the guidance of the Publicity Department of the CPC Zhengzhou Erqi District Committee, started at 19:00 on October 20, 2021 in the Zhengtong Auditorium.

It is understood that the red culture drama was starred by the actors of Henan Provincial Theatre and Henan Provincial Song and Dance Theatre. The play is about a sudden epidemic that leaves a family of four in a predicament. In the face of the sudden changes, the senior family member keeps saying that he has to repay his "debt of conscience". Then, following the old man's memories, an old story that happened in 1923 is revealed. At that time, a group of people living along Beijing-Hankou railway, in order to fight against the reactionary suppression, struggled courageously and rose to the challenge under the leadership of the Communist Party. They demonstrated the firm will and determination to fight for the communist ideals and beliefs.

In the next step, the red culture drama Under the Erqi Tower will enter schools and communities so as to guide the cadres and masses to continue their red bloodline, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, and actively participate in their work and study.

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