Henan Makes a New Move to Secure Its Leading Role in the Martial Arts Industry!

Recently, 13 departments, bureaus and commissions of Henan jointly issued the Plan of Henan for Developing the Martial Arts Industry (2021-2025) (hereafter referred to as the Plan)in order to further popularize and promote martial arts projects across the province and accelerate the quality-oriented advancement of the martial arts industry.

The Plan specifies that 5-10 well-known martial arts service and product manufacturing enterprises will be cultivated, 3-5 martial arts competition projects launched, and 15 "national-level townships known for martial arts" and 160 provincial-level martial arts schools established by 2025, so as to further consolidate the foundation for the martial arts industry, further expand its scale, and further enhance its competitiveness, as well as form a martial arts industry system with reasonable layout, well-equipped functions and full categories, and turn Henan into the leading province in the martial arts industry across China.

The Plan points out that Henan should focus on seven aspects: carrying on and promoting martial arts culture, strengthening and expanding martial arts competitions and performances, enlarging martial arts consumer groups, increasing market supply, adding competitiveness to market entities, promoting integrated development, and facilitating opening-up and cooperation. It should be based on the popularization of traditional martial arts culture, the satisfaction with people’s needs for martial arts fitness, and the contribution to economic and social development, be centered on the supply-side structural reform of the martial arts industry, and give priority to the expansion and improvement of the martial arts industry chain, so as to cultivate and tap market potential, and promote the clustering of the martial arts industry.

The Plan requires that the advantages of “Shaolin boxing and Taijiquan” brand resources be fully utilized, the forms of boxing with regional features be developed in an orderly manner, the martial arts industry chain be lengthened, and various types of operation be integrated for development such as high-end martial arts events, martial arts culture, martial arts performances, martial arts oriented tourism, martial arts related film, television and animation production, and martial arts supplies manufacturing. Also, Henan should keep deepening reforms, regard high-quality competitions as the core, focus on health-oriented training, and pass the culture down as the support, so as to promote the quality-centered development of the martial arts industry.

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